Everything You Should Know About Painting or Staining a Deck

In North Carolina, South Carolina, and other Southeastern states, outdoor living is an art form. With temperate weather for much of the year, decks and patios can truly act as an extension of indoor living space for homeowners and their guests. However, if you use your home’s outdoor area on a regular basis, it also means you must maintain it properly. This can, for some homeowners, mean painting or staining their decks to keep them in the best possible condition.


If you’ve been wondering if painting or staining your deck could be the right choice for you, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you understand the basics of each home improvement option, hopefully allowing you to figure out if either of these options is the best choice for your situation.


What types of wood stain are there?


If you prefer the look of natural wood, staining your deck boards might be your preferred option. However, there are several types of stains on the market, so it is wise to learn about the various products you can choose from before you go to your local hardware store. 


Solid stain – Solid wood stain is more similar to paint than to a traditional stain in texture. It is thicker and nearly completely covers the wood, leaving an opaque finish that you can’t see through. 


Semi-transparent stain – Semi-transparent wood stain is the most popular type of stain on the market today — it still allows some of the natural wood grain to show through but provides richer color. This tinted product allows homeowners to achieve their perfect hue by selecting a stain product that suits their needs. Semi-transparent stains come in a wide range of colors, including those that mimic popular woods like mahogany, hickory, and oak. 


Clear stain – Fully transparent, clear wood stain is not generally used when people want to change the color of a wood feature, such as a deck. Instead, it typically serves more as a protective coating that provides a pleasant sheen and protects wood from scratches or other minor damage. 


What types of paint are there?


If you think painting your deck is the right choice for you, you might be wondering how to decide which sort of exterior paint you ought to invest in for your upcoming project. Here, we take a look at both options you’re likely to run across as you shop. 


Oil-based paint – If you don’t want to have to paint your deck more than every couple of years, oil-based outdoor paint might be the right choice for you. Oil-based paints are generally more durable than their latex-based counterparts, often making them the best option for homeowners who need painted deck boards that will stand up to heavy use. They are, however, more susceptible to fading.


Latex-based paint – Latex-based paints for outdoor use tend to stay brighter longer than oil-based products. However, they do chip and crack more easily, making them tougher to take care of if your deck gets a lot of foot traffic, or if you have small children and pets running around on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether painting or staining your deck — and which type of paint or stain! — is right for your household. But, if you have any questions while you make your decision, rest assured that the Hatch Homes team is here to help. Give us a call anytime if you would like to discuss any exterior remodeling work at your North Carolina or South Carolina residence. 

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