Exterior Home Decor Trends You Should Try

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If you’ve recently realized that the appearance of your home doesn’t do anything for you when you drive up to it, it might be time to consider an exterior renovation. Curb appeal is important for a variety of reasons, such as increasing your property value and bringing you joy when you come home every day, so when you don’t feel excited about the look of your house, it’s typically time to make a change. In many cases, the toughest part of doing a remodeling job is deciding exactly what projects you want to focus on.

As you read this guide, you’ll discover some great exterior home decor trends that are sure to impress in 2019 and beyond. Many of these concepts are budget-friendly, so you’ll be able to work them into your financial plan even if you don’t have unlimited money to spend. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you and get you ready to start your upcoming project soon!

  • Paint your brick walls – Throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, there are many historic homes built out of brick. Although some homeowners are diametrically opposed to painting original brick, this is a trend that has recently been on the upswing. More and more people are realizing that painting brick is a great way to completely change its appearance and, in certain situations, to mask brick walls that are cosmetically damaged, but still structurally sound. Taking old brick walls from a dingy red to a bright white, for instance, is a surefire way to modernize the aesthetic of your home.
  • Install shake siding – Historically, shakes, a term for shingles installed on exterior walls, were immensely popular. With the rise of vinyl siding boards, however, they fell out of style. Recently, though, homeowners have begun returning to the look of shakes. They tend to have a coastal look, making them ideal for homes on the Outer Banks or in South Carolina’s Low Country. While original shakes were all made of wood, today’s manufacturers also make vinyl and fiber cement options that are more colorfast and don’t require as much maintenance.
  • Go all-in with the farmhouse look – The modern farmhouse aesthetic has been popular for several years now but shows no sign going anywhere anytime soon. Go all-in with this trend for a house that is sure to merge timeless style with modern touches. The most effective modern farmhouse design incorporates unexpected and bold elements, such as black metal roofs, navy trim, and raw wood door and window frames.
  • Let stone take center stage – Stone is one of the world’s oldest building materials, but that certainly hasn’t stopped it from remaining a major trend even in the 21st century. Stone is the perfect exterior remodeling material for homeowners who like traditional, Old World style. It works particularly well on homes, such as Italianate residences, that have a European flair. If you would love to have stone on your house, but can’t afford full blocks, consider using a veneer instead. It will provide you with the same look for a fraction of the price.

The team at Hatch Homes would love to work with you on your exterior renovation project. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with one of the professionals on our staff. We take pride in working with a wide variety of materials and enjoy helping homeowners achieve the dreams they have for their houses. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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