Exterior House Colors That Sell

If you are in the market to sell your home or maybe even buying one, the color of the house may not be a big deal to you, or so you thought. Did you know that specific colors help sell the home in addition to the interior? So what are the colors that bring you top value for your home? The answer is blue and gray tones.

Blues- Warmer blues increase a home buyers energy and excitement. While light blues radiate the sense of security and trust. Blues often mimic the look of coastal houses which bring the feel of serenity and peace to homeowners. Varieties of the color blue tend to compliment white trim too.

Gray- Is the new white, the color is customizable by playing around with the tones you add to it. The color also has that modern and clean feel that first-time homebuyers are looking for in their first home. The mixture of grey and beige is considered the new neutral color to homeowners. Be cautious though when it comes to the darker shades, they can have an opposite effect by losing you money.

Not convinced or ready to commit to painting your entire house blue or gray? Studies formed by Zillow show that even painting your front door either color can increase the value of your home by an extra 1,000 dollars.

The most popular colors that sell a home with James Hardie siding on it is:
Evening Blue | Boothbay Blue | Aged Pewter | Gray Slate | Pearl Gray

While specific colors increase your home value, there are also colors that can do the opposite. For instance, the classic color white or an eggshell white are two colors that can decrease the value of the home by thousands of dollars. While this may not always be the case for white homes, be cautious and consciousness of the color you choose for your specific neighborhood.

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