Fire Safety Tips Your Family Needs to Know

Although it’s easy to think that a house fire will never impact your family, and hopefully it never does, it is still smart to be prepared for the possibility. Every year, North Carolina and South Carolina families lose their homes and their possessions to fires. The more you know about fire safety, the less likely you are to be seriously injured in a residential fire or even experience one in the first place. 


Consider brick, stone, or stucco during an exterior remodel.

If you are building a new home or remodeling the outside of your current one, it’s a good idea to choose brick, stone, or stucco cladding. These materials are the least likely to catch fire or cause a fire to spread. Metal roofing and metal window frames are also a good idea if you want to reduce the likelihood of a house fire damaging your personal property. Metal windows, in particular, are engineered to be fire retardant. 


Make sure your lawn is kept free from debris. 

Yard waste, such as leaves, brush, and grass trimmings, are extremely flammable. If a fire starts in your neighborhood, they are likely to be among the first things to go up in flames. Keeping your lawn free from these types of debris can reduce the likelihood of a fire impacting your Carolina home. Make sure you rake leaves regularly and remove other debris as you notice it. This will also improve your property’s curb appeal. 


Don’t use traditional flame candles. 

Nowadays, there are numerous options for people who love candles, but are concerned about the flammability of those that have traditional flame wicks. Battery powered candles are a great alternative, with many brands now offering scented varieties and styles that have flickering faux flames for coziness. 


Keep your smoke detectors on. 

Most North Carolina and South Carolina municipalities dictate that every floor of a residential structure, along with every bedroom, must have a smoke detector. Make sure you follow this code and keep your smoke detectors on at all times. Smoke detectors go a long way toward ensuring that you, your loved ones, and your pets make it out safely if a house fire ever does occur. Make sure to test your smoke detectors at least once per year to make sure they are in good working order. 


Use new space heaters if you need them. 

If your home is drafty and you need to use space heaters in the winter, invest in new, energy efficient models. Older styles that feature open heating elements are much more likely to cause fires, so it’s wise to dispose of them properly even if they still work. Read reviews of trustworthy new heater models so you can make sure you select one that is known for its safety features. 


If you have any additional questions regarding house fire preparedness, contact your Carolina city or town’s fire department. Many fire departments offer periodic courses for families or provide resources that can be used to make houses more fire safe. The more you know, the better off you and your family will be!

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