Five Replacement Window Brands You Should Know

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If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you might have found yourself confused by all the different brands you can pick from these days. Some homeowners become so overwhelmed that they put-off buying replacement styles longer than they should. Reading this guide should prevent this from happening to you.

As you continue, you’ll learn about five popular replacement window brands and discover what makes them stand out. By the time you reach the end, you might have a better idea of which brand is best for you. Or, even if you still aren’t sure what to buy, you will more easily be able to have an educated conversation with your installer. It’s a win-win!

Andersen – Andersen Windows is a leading national brand that is used by contractors throughout the United States. The company is known for its comprehensive warranty and high-quality products. Andersen’s replacement windows fall into the “insert window” category, which means they are quick and easy to install.

Pella – Pella Windows is most famed for its beautiful wood product line, which includes several series. The Architect series is the most high-end, featuring incredible detail and well-built wooden window frames; these are ideal for Victorian and Queen Anne style homes. The Designer series is modern and sleek, perfect for industrial lofts and row houses. The 450 series is the most basic option, but is still attractive and high-quality. Pella also has a vinyl window line. All of the company’s wood and vinyl windows are available in energy-efficient double-hung or triple-hung styles.

Simonton – Simonton Windows is one of the United States’s leading suppliers and installers of vinyl windows. One of the company’s selling points is that they have a wide variety of quality windows available, from inexpensive models to upscale styles. Another great perk, as previously mentioned, is that Simonton offers installation services. This sets them apart from nearly every other brand on this list.

Milgard – Milgard Windows offers vinyl, aluminum, and wood-clad fiberglass window series. They are, however, most well-known for their four vinyl lines, especially their Quite Line models that are engineered to reduce noise. These are ideal for people who live in urban regions where street noise can make it difficult to relax!

Atrium – Atrium Windows offers both vinyl and wood lines, but have far more vinyl options than wood. They are most well-known for the fact that their vinyl window series is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. This makes the Atrium brand very popular among coastal homeowners, such as Charleston, SC, and the Outer Banks.

No matter which window brand you ultimately decide to buy, whether it is one of these or another option entirely, the Hatch Homes team would love to do your installation for you this summer. We have been installing windows for families throughout the Carolinas for years, and we look forward to doing your upcoming project for you! The right windows really can make a huge difference.

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