Five Ways to Boost Curb Appeal With Faux Stone

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Stone is a popular building material for good reason! It lasts a long time, has great visual appeal, and works well in any climate. It can, however, be expensive to buy, cumbersome to install, and frustrating to repair. To combat these issues, the faux stone was developed. In recent years, it has become extremely popular among homeowners who are looking to do exterior renovation projects.

If you love the idea of doing a faux stone feature at your house, but don’t know exactly which direction to go, you’ll enjoy reading this guide and, hopefully, find some inspiration. In the next section, you will find five ideas for how you can boost your home’s curb appeal with budget-friendly faux stone in the near future.

Create a Retaining Wall

Stacking faux stone to create a retaining wall around flower beds or vegetable gardens offers both form and function. This will make your yard pop and will also secure soil and roots behind the wall. This is especially useful for homeowners who live in coastal regions of the Carolinas.

There are a couple of options when it comes to the type of faux stone you can use for a retaining wall project. You can use either stack small, flat stones and attach them to an existing concrete wall or you can use larger rocks and create a wall from scratch. It simply depends on the look you’re going for.

Redo Your Patio

Many people thoroughly enjoy their patios from spring through fall in the Carolinas, but this popular backyard feature often gets left by the wayside when it comes to renovations. Faux stone is a great way to enhance the appearance of your patio (and your property value!)

One great idea is to cover the stone slab you currently have with beautiful faux river rocks or slate-like stones. This will quickly transform the look of your entire outdoor space. You may also want to consider using faux stones to cover the half-walls surrounding an outdoor kitchen; this results in a high-end aesthetic.

Cover Porch Columns

If you have unattractive concrete columns on your front porch, you are not alone. This is a feature that plagues many homeowners. Fortunately, attaching faux stone to these columns is a relatively fast and easy way to upgrade them. There are many styles of faux stone that will work for this type of project.

Transform Your Foundation

If your house has an exposed foundation, it probably isn’t the most attractive feature on your property. Covering it with faux stone will take it from drab to eye-catching without breaking the bank. Stone-clad foundations often have a rustic aesthetic that works with many types of homes. You can also make an exposed foundation look coastal or traditional depending on the faux stone color scheme you select.

Add a Water Feature

Faux stone is perfect for creating any type of water feature near your house. Whether you want to install a koi pond or construct a fountain, selecting a faux stone you love is the perfect starting point!

The team at Hatch Homes can help you fulfill any faux stone dreams you have. No matter what kind of project you’re interested in doing, we can work with you to make it happen. Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can understand exactly what you have in mind. We’re excited to get started!

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