Follow These Propane Grill Tips to Stay Safe This Season!

Families in North Carolina and South Carolina love grilling. Although the weather in this region of the country allows for outdoor living most of the year, spring and summer are definitely prime grilling season. If you use a propane grill at home, it’s important to follow some key safety tips to avoid injury while you cook!

In this brief guide, you’ll find a list of useful suggestions that will help you stay safe while using your propane grill outdoors. Some of these are common sense, but after a long winter inside, it’s always worth refreshing your memory about the dos and don’ts of propane grilling!

  1. Know the expiration date – Many homeowners don’t realize that propane tanks expire. Generally, tanks that hold 10 gallons of propane or less are good for 12 years from their manufacturing date. Your tank should be stamped with its expiration date. If you don’t grill frequently (and, therefore, don’t replace your propane tank often), it’s a good idea to take a look at this date at the start of every summer. 
  2. Move the tank properly – There are certain protocols that should be followed when moving a propane tank. If you don’t follow these to the letter, the tank could potentially explode. First, make sure the cylinder valve is closed tightly. It is also important to store the tank in an upright position in an area of your vehicle that receives ventilation (i.e. do NOT place it in your trunk).
  3. Store your propane grill and tank correctly – Propane grills and tanks need to be stored in a specific fashion in order to prevent an explosion. They should never be put in storage in a shed, garage, basement, or other indoor area. Instead, everything related to propane and propane accessories should be kept in a well-ventilated outdoor space, such as on a patio or deck. Always use high-quality covers on your grill and tank during inclement weather. 
  4. Learn about your grill – No two propane grills are exactly the same. The best way to avoid injury is to know your grill. Read the user’s manual, especially if you never have before. It’s also a good idea to read online reviews written by other people who own the same grill you have. This way, you can learn what the most common issues seem to be. The better you know your grill, the less likely you are to experience an accident. 
  5. Know the stats – As per the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 8.900 residential fires occur because of grilling accidents every year. The types of injuries people sustain while grilling can range from very minor to catastrophic. You never know, however, how bad your situation could be until you’ve experienced an incident. Follow these simple tips to avoid becoming a statistic!

Spending time outdoors with your friends and family members should be enjoyable, not hazardous. If you pay attention to these rules and use good common sense, you will have decades of grilling fun ahead of you at your Carolina home!

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