Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Painting

If your home has wood siding, stucco, or another finish that requires regular painting, you undoubtedly know what a big difference a fresh coat of paint can make in the appearance of your house. Not only will you feel prouder when you come home each night, but your neighbors will be pleased, and your overall property value is likely to increase.

The process of choosing a qualified painter and actually having your house painted, though, can be easier said than done. As a matter of fact, many homeowners, especially those who are about to work with exterior painters for the first time, have a variety of questions. This guide features a selection of frequently asked questions and answers that will help you understand what will happen as you move forward.

Why should I hire a professional?

There are a variety of reasons to work with a professional painter instead of trying to tackle this big job yourself, but one of the primary ones is mere time. You undoubtedly have other commitments to attend to on a daily basis and painting an entire home’s exterior is no small task. It might take you weeks to accomplish what a professional and his or her team can do in a day.

Furthermore, professionals know how to do the job right. They won’t make mistakes that will cause your new paint job to peel or crack after just a short period of time. This kind of peace of mind is worth the money!

How do I know who to hire?

The best way to start deciding which local painting contractor you want to work with is to make a shortlist of options. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and relatives who live near you in the Carolinas and online reviews can both be helpful in narrowing down your choices. Once you start interviewing prospects, make sure you only seriously consider those professionals who are properly licensed and insured.

How much am I likely to pay?

The cost of an exterior residential paint job depends upon a number of factors. Your location, of course, will play a role. Homeowners in the metro area of Winston-Salem, NC, for instance, will pay more than those who live in rural South Carolina towns. The price you pay will also depend upon how large your house is.

The more square footage there is to paint, the more materials your contractor will need, and the more he or she will have to charge you. Generally, an average-sized 1,700 to 2,000 square foot house will cost a homeowner about $10,000 and take three or four days to complete.

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