Front Door Colors That Are Sure to Wow

A lot of homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about their front door. They simply open it each morning and close it when they get home without giving it a second glance. Your entry door, however, is almost like your home’s smile! It’s one of the first things people notice about any house, yet, in most cases, it’s fairly basic and boring. If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, painting your door is a great option.

As you look over the rest of this guide, you’ll see a list of front door color choices that are sure to wow everyone who visits your home! You may even find yourself feeling happier when you come up your front walk and see a fun, freshly painted door greeting you. If none of the hues showcased here are absolutely perfect for you, hopefully, they will spark your creativity. You are, after all, only limited by your imagination!

Lime green – Lime green doors tend to look especially good on contemporary houses that have clean lines and neutral, textured finishes, such as wood and quartz. Behr paint’s Limeade is the perfect bright green hue for a front door.
Teal – Teal doors are a bit tamer than lime green but still offer a similar look aesthetically. They can be used on nearly any style of home, but pair particularly well with houses that have tan or grey siding. Benjamin Moore’s tropical-inspired Kokopelli Teal is one great option.
Red-orange – Red-orange is a warm, earthy tone that isn’t overly vibrant. It looks great on neutral-colored houses that have dark grey or brown trim. Red-orange is especially ideal for desert homes, such as those in Arizona and New Mexico, where the sun beats down almost all year. Sherwin Williams’ Daredevil shade is the perfect red-orange.
Pink – The idea of having a pink door on your house might scare you, but it can actually be a beautiful addition to your entryway! It’s all in the shade you choose in regard to pink. If you’re worried about a “Pepto-Bismol” look, stick with something darker with more magenta undertones, such as Benjamin Moore’s Peony.
Soft yellow – Buttery yellow doors are warm and inviting, letting people know you want them to come in and make themselves at home. They look especially great on dark grey houses. Sherwin Williams’ Daffodil is an excellent hue for anyone who wants to give this sunshine-inspired look a try.
Periwinkle – Periwinkle is a color that pairs well with classic homes, especially those that are inspired by coastal aesthetics. Our clients in Charleston, SC, and the Outer Banks should absolutely consider this shade, especially if their homes are light grey or white. Valspar’s Simply Periwinkle hits the nail on the head in regard to this color.

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