Furniture Designed For Cats (and Their Humans!)

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If you’re a cat owner, your feline friend is probably more than a pet, but a true member of your family. Even though cats have a reputation for being aloof loners, most cat lovers will tell you that once you get to know their pets, they all have unique personalities. Since your cats live with you in your home, it’s important to make sure they feel as comfortable there as the human members of your household. This guide features some amazing pieces of furniture that are designed for cats and their owners to enjoy together.

  1. The CATable – If you often find yourself dining with your cat, the CATable is for you. This piece features a mid-century modern look and has holes, tunnels, and nooks throughout the eating surface. While you dine, your cat can play. Form and function definitely meet here.
  2. The Rocking 2-Gether Chair – If your cat often climbs on your lap while you sit in a rocking chair, making it difficult to drink from a mug or read a book, you will love the Rocking 2-Gether Chair. This chair features a cushioned seat for your favorite feline at the base, allowing you to rock together, as the name aptly suggests.
  3. Hanging walkways – Cats have a natural instinct to climb, but it can be problematic if you have shelves filled with delicate keepsakes in your home. Give your domesticated cats their own version of the jungle with these hanging walkways. They can be configured in a variety of ways, so you can create something truly unique that suits your space.
  4. Radiator bed – Certain cats, like certain people, loathe the cold winter months. This radiator bed is the perfect solution for cat owners who live in the chilliest regions of the Carolinas, like Asheville and other mountain towns. It’s the ideal spot for your favorite kitty to stay warm all winter long!
  5. Scratching console – This scratching console, another mid-century inspired piece, is the perfect way to keep your cats from destroying your sofas and tables with their claws. It is custom made, so you can request a finish that matches your decor. It also has a storage shelf and doubles as a cool piece of furniture.
  6. Litter box cabinet – Having a litter box sitting in plain sight every time you come home is undoubtedly the most unseemly part of owning a cat. Eliminate this issue with a litter box cabinet that keeps the box discreetly out of the way, without preventing your cat from going when nature calls.

These are just a few fun pieces to add to your home for both you and your cat to enjoy. At Hatch Homes, we understand that pets are family and we believe they should be treated as such.

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