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Are you trying to make your kitchen a bit more open? Perhaps you want somewhere to keep your small garden plants. If this sounds like you, then a garden window may be a good option to consider. Garden windows are really a great way to get some added shelf space in smaller spaces, to help make the room a bit more open. They are usually a lot less expensive than a bay window, but can really provide a lot of light. Garden windows will not only help you to get more out of your space, but it can also add to the architectural appeal of your home. Whether you want to fill your window space with a garden, or a variety of knick knacks, you can make a room really shine with a garden window.
What Exactly is a Garden Window?
Garden windows are actually a box of windows that stick out from your house. They help to create a box, often times with shelves. These shelves can be used however you would like. They are designed to hold plants, hence the name garden windows, but you don’t have to use them for plants. Many people use them to store photo frames, small collectibles, spices, and other items that may be convenient for the space. A garden window can really be a great enhancement to your home.

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The Average Price of Garden Windows

Garden windows are typically pretty expensive, but it really will depend on the size of the window that you choose. If you are getting a smaller garden window, then you may pay somewhere around $1000 per window. If you want something a little larger, then you can pay upwards of $4000 per window. It really just depends on the size, the material of the window, the brand, and the structure. These all play an important part. The installation cost is another cost that you will need to consider.

The Advantages of Garden Windows

One of the biggest advantages of garden windows is that they can help to add to the architectural structure of your home. They not only look great architecturally, but they can be great when it comes to adding design to your home with the décor that you use with the garden window. No matter what you place in the window, you are sure to make it look great in your home. These windows are just so versatile, so you can really make them your own and give it your own unique touch.

Another big plus that comes along with garden windows is that they can help to add some space in your home. If you don’t have a lot of storage space or counter space, then a garden window can be a great way for you to increase this space. Garden windows essentially give you more shelf space in your home. They can also be pretty affordable in comparison to a bay window, which also helps to free up some additional space in your home.

If you actually want to have garden windows for your garden plants, then you will be happy to find that the windows are great when it comes to ventilating your plants. All plants need proper sunlight and ventilation. Most of these windows have panels and screens that will allow you to open them. This gives them some fresh air during the warm months. Make sure that you check into the various options when it comes to garden windows so that you can get something that will be good for ventilation if you want to use the window space to store your plants.

The Disadvantages of Garden Windows

Garden windows can also have their fair share of drawbacks. For instance, these windows are really not ideal for all weather climates. They may be great in areas that have moderate climates, but if you live in an area that has a lot of rain or a lot of cold weather, then it may not be ideal. They may not be the best when it comes to keeping your home warm.

This leads us to mention that garden windows do not offer much insulation at all. They can also be bad about letting in some water, especially if the seals are not sealed properly. Just know that if you opt for a garden window, you will need to keep an eye on it to make sure that you are not letting in too much of the outside elements.

Most people with garden windows notice that there is more condensation with them. If you live in an area with high humidity or a lot of moisture in the air, then you might notice a problem. This moisture can be great for your plants, but it can be damaging to your infrastructure. It is a good idea to ensure a good seal, just to make sure that you have a barrier for your home to protect it from the elements. This is one of the main reasons to go with a professional installation with garden windows, to ensure the best result possible.

Garden windows also have a tendency to be a bit on the expensive side. This is in comparison to regular windows, such as double hung windows or casement windows. They are less expensive than a bay window or bow window, but this is really only because they are not usually as large. Garden windows are usually made up of at least four windows that are put into one, so it is clear why they would be a bit more expensive. Be prepared to spend a bit more on this style of window.

What to Look for in a Garden Window

If you are currently looking for garden windows, there are a few things that you should look for. First, look for windows that have a vinyl or aluminum frame. Wooden frames just tend to hold moisture, and become damaged over time. Vinyl is also great when it comes to aesthetics, because they do not tend to chip or peel like a lot of the other finishes. This allows them to be longer lasting as well, making it a great investment.

It is also a good idea to look for windows that have a multi point locking system. This will help to ensure that the seal of the window is tighter, preventing leaks over time. It can also help to add more security. Any time you add a window to your home, you have to understand that security could be compromised. You need to look for windows that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also secure.

Insulation is also important. Insulation in the frame and the seatboard is really important. This helps to ensure that you are able to keep the cool air inside during the summer, and the cool air outside during the winter. Also, look for insulated glass so that you can keep out the weather conditions, even if it gets rather cool or hot during the extreme summer or winter months. Insulation in the frame, and the glass can really boost your energy efficiency as well.

Discuss Your Options With a Professional Window Installer

Garden windows may be very appealing, but that doesn’t mean that it is right for every home. Since some climates are not really suitable for garden windows, it is something to discuss with the window installers. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, and determine whether or not a garden window would be a good addition to your home.

Taking Measurements for Your Garden Window

One of the most important parts of the process of getting a garden window is the measurement process. This is really important because the measurements are going to determine where the window will be placed. It will also determine whether or not the window has a good seal. If you do not have accurate measurements, then you may have problems with your window. You may find that cold air comes in, or that your windows leak. This is another reason to keep the window installation to the professionals.

Choosing the Right Installation Professional

When it comes to choosing the right window installation professional for your garden window, you will need to take a few things into consideration. Start by checking into the products that they use. Choose an installer that uses high quality windows and frames. Quality should be a number one priority, because this will tell whether or not your windows are going to stand the test of time.

On top of looking into their materials, you should also consider the pricing. While affordability should be on your priority list, you need to understand that you will often get what you pay for. You don’t want to go with the installers that offer the lowest cost. Remember that skimping out on the price could also mean skimping out on the quality. This could cost you more money in the long run.

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