General Specifications For Home Renovations

Let’s take a deeper dive into all the specifications that Hatch performs your project around:

Legal-Does your county, state, or city require a building permit for exterior work? Are there any codes detailing accessible and inaccessible dumpster placement? Has your local area passed building codes that also have passed the state or the federal mark? These are the questions that the homeowner and the contractor must know the answers to, in order to complete an exterior remodeling project within legal guidelines.

Two things that determine manufacture install guidelines are met and to ensure the building products lifespan.

One is the material composition, and two is how the material was installed. Any manufacturers of exterior building materials provide consumers and contractors with a guide detailing acceptable installation practices.They do this to ensure homeowners are receiving the materials true lifespan. In other words, this is a list of things that need to be done in order for a product to last on the outside of your home. Hatch Homes strictly perform to all specifications set forth by our material manufacturers on every product that we provide homeowners with.

Building Codes- Building Codes refer to a mandate that is provided to the construction industry by the government. These codes are intended to prevent homeowners from purchasing houses that were built with faulty construction methods. An example of this would be stud spacing. In most jurisdictions, the minimum spacing between studs on a single family residential dwelling is 16-inch mark on center. This ensures that the building framing is structurally sound and stable.

These are just a few things a homeowner should be aware of before committing to a specific contractor. Now you have some general knowledge and helpful information on what goes on behind the scenes of your remodeling project. Contact the professionals at Hatch Homes today to get started!

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