generalist vs specialist

There are two main types of remodeling companies: remodeling generalist and remodeling specialists.

  • Remodeling generalist- typically offer a wide variety of construction services. These companies will provide homeowners with roofing, windows, siding, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, fences, painting services, etc.
    A few terms used to describe them is a handyman, general contractor, or a chuck in a truck. The advantages are that they offer a variety of services and are typically at a cost-effective price. These disadvantages are that their expertise is limited to a certain amount of project types.
  • Remodeling specialists- Instead of offering every home improvement service under the sun, Hatch Homes is narrowly focused on the replacement of siding, roofing, and windows. Even more specifically, Hatch Homes is a James Hardie Siding Specialist; it is what we do best.

Since Hatch Homes only offer a variety of specific services our company is able to save our homeowners money on their overall cost. Henry Ford was on to something. Our assembly line approach to home improvement lowers our companies material cost because we purchase more of it than any other contractor in the area. Additionally, this philosophy provides a higher installation quality to our customers because our crews spend 100% of their time every day completing the same specialized home improvement services.

The final upside to hiring a specialty contractor is that they can complete the project quicker than a remodeling generalist. Typically speaking, hiring a specialty contractor will lead to fewer price increases ( better known as change orders) because that company has a better understanding of what will be required to accomplish the project on time and under budget.

The manufacturer, James Hardie even recognizes Hatch Homes as one of the best siding specialists in the area.To learn more about Hatch Homes and the services that we provide in your area, call us today!

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