Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are a unique look all of their own. They are unique because they can be placed over your standard windows, either single or double paned. They are pretty thick, and they give a look that other windows cannot achieve. They can be put in various areas within your home.
They are a great accent when it comes to the visual aesthetics of your home as well. While they do look great, they do also have their own uses. They are mainly there to allow light to come into your home or office naturally, but they can serve some other purposes as well. They can help to give additional privacy, and they can even help to partition rooms in your home to section them off. This is often done in bathroom areas.

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The Average Cost of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows will typically cost you anywhere from $400 to $1100 per window. The actual cost is going to depend a lot on where you want to have them installed, as well as whether or not you already have a regular window in place. These factors can really play a big part in how much you will spend having your glass block windows installed. It will also depend on how the window will be built. If it is pre-built, which is typically the best way to go, then you will likely save some money. These are easier to install and look much better in the end.

The Advantages of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows come with a variety of different advantages. First, they will help to offer some privacy to your home. They are usually put in bathrooms to allow still windows to let in the light, but keep people from being able to see in through the windows. Some glass block windows are completely see-through, but a majority of them will keep you from being able to look in. This is usually because the glass has been frosted, or has a pattern on it. This is why they are used for privacy purposes. Glass block windows also have a unique design to them. You don’t see them on every home on the block. They are great when it comes to dividing rooms, and can even be used in your bathrooms, around your showers. Glass block windows have their own unique look, making them ideal when it comes to improving the aesthetics of your home. Finally, they can help to give your basement some added security. Usually, you don’t have to access the windows in your basement. This means that glass block windows in the basement can be ideal. They can prevent someone from breaking in, which is often common when it comes to basements.
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The Disadvantages of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows can have their fair share of drawbacks as well. It is essential to understand those drawbacks before you decide whether or not glass block windows are right for you. First, they will make it impossible for you to have ventilation from the windows. They are not able to open and close; therefore they are fixed windows. This means that you can’t open them to allow in some fresh air. This can be a drawback if the room gets stuffy.
Another drawback is the lack of visibility. Since the windows are often used for privacy to keep people from seeing in, you will not be able to see out either. This is something important to consider if a view is something that is important for you. Chances are, however, you won’t be sitting in the bathroom trying to enjoy the view.

Glass Block Windows for Privacy in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the areas in your home where you demand the most privacy. If you have windows that allow people to see inside of your bathroom, it may make you uncomfortable when it comes to taking a shower or taking care of other bathroom duties. This is why so many people opt for glass block windows in their bathroom to give them the privacy they need.
The glass used for these windows is typically not see through. They are more obscured to keep people from being able to see in. Just remember to choose glass blocks that actually obstruct the view, to make sure that you are getting adequate privacy. These blocks still allow in a reasonable amount of light, without really having to lose out on any of your privacy.


Simple Glass Block Styles
Intricate Designs

Glass block windows are not only used for windows in your home, but they can also be intricately designed to offer dividers between rooms, and they can even be installed as a shower door. Any time you want to have a divider in your home, consider these frosted glass block windows. You can also come up with designs and patterns that will bring a unique touch to your home.
When you do something more unique, it can also increase the overall value of your home. If you are looking to resell at some point, then you may want to consider glass block windows as a way to set the house apart from the rest of the homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Other Benefits of Glass Block Windows for Your Basement

Since you don’t likely need to have a lot of light coming into your basement, it may be a good idea to have the glass blocks for security purposes. This is not their only use in the basement though. While they can bring in a little light to a dark room, and they can keep out unwanted intruders, they can also help you to protect the belongings in your basement.
To use glass block windows to keep your belongings protected from the elements, you will need to make sure that the glass block windows have been adequately sealed. This will help to keep out moisture and keep your belongings from being ruined by the humidity. It is especially important if you live in an area that tends to flood often. Have them checked for proper sealing at least once each year, and consider resealing every five years or so.
If you have your windows installed correctly, then it should be a successful way to keep out the moisture from the weather outside. Correctly installed windows are put in by well trained certified window installers. It is important not to try to turn it into a DIY project, at least not with this type of window. Even if they are installed correctly, the joints will tend to wear down over time, and you may have to have them resealed to prevent moisture from getting in. This should be something that you check every year or so, but you should only have to reseal it every five years or so.

Having Your Glass Block Windows Pre-Built

Some contractors will install the glass block windows one by one, rather than having them all put together before installing them in your home. This is usually not the best idea. This can actually result in uneven window joints, and it can even leave behind gaps. It may not look very good, and can actually let the water come in. This is why you should always ask your contractor to put the window together before having it installed. Also, make sure that the measurements are double checked, and triple checked beforehand to make sure that the window is the proper size for the space.
This is just another reason why you will want to talk to someone who has a decent amount of experience dealing with glass block windows. They are not your average windows, so you have to be really careful measuring and building the window to ensure that it is going to have the perfect fit, while still keeping out moisture.

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Venting Glass Block Windows

Sure, most of the glass block windows that you see on the market are designed to make your home more secure, but there are some that are made to vent as well. They are made with a built-in vent panel that you can open and close. It is a very small vent, so it isn’t going to bring in too much fresh air, but it can offer some form of venting while not changing the fact that they still offer privacy and security. The only problem is that it does make it harder to keep moisture out, especially if you forget to close the vent when it rains.
If you are thinking about making your basement more waterproof, or you want to make some of your windows more visually aesthetic, then consider having glass block windows installed. There are definitely a lot of advantages. They not only help to offer you a touch of elegance, but they can be an excellent source of natural light within your home. They can also provide you with privacy, security, and style.

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