Great Ways to Use Plywood in Remodeling Projects

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Plywood has existed for well over 100 years, since the 19th century, but has recently started popping-up as an interior design trend. Trade shows and showrooms are all beginning to feature plywood creations, which means you should pay attention to the rather unassuming material if you’re planning to remodel any part of your home in 2019. You might be surprised to learn that much of the plywood decorators are using these days is left raw and unpainted, giving it either an edgy look or a warm look, depending on the overall aesthetics of a space. This versatile material is crafted from multiple, thin layers of wood or wood chips that are glued together in different directions for strength.

Plywood is an affordable product that can easily be worked into most renovators’ budgets. It’s important to note that plywood comes in varying thicknesses and grades, so you will need to discuss the level of quality you’re looking for with your contractor before he or she starts any project in your house. This will help him, or her know what type of plywood to purchase. As you read on, you’ll see a few fun ideas for how to incorporate plywood into your remodeling job.

    • Make your bed stand out – If you’ve been longing for a whole-wall headboard, but haven’t been able to afford to tackle this project, consider using plywood to cover the wall behind your mattress. Raw plywood will give your space a warm, mid-century look, while upholstered plywood squares will add a glam aesthetic to your room. If you want your bed frame to match your new headboard, plywood is sturdy enough for that project too!
    • Don’t be afraid to walk all over it – Because of plywood’s strength and durability, it actually makes for excellent flooring material. Lots of homeowners dream of laying solid hardwood floors, but simply can’t afford it. Plywood can be an excellent alternative to laminate or vinyl plank flooring, especially in contemporary homes with a minimalist aesthetic.
    • Add a three seasons room – Plywood can serve as the bones of a beautifully rustic three seasons room addition. Many of our clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina long for these spaces that merge indoor and outdoor living; using plywood as the building material makes them significantly more affordable in many cases. Spruce plywood has a neutral, warm color that is ideal for these sun-splashed rooms.
    • Create custom furnishings – Generally, having custom furniture built can be quite expensive. Plywood, however, makes ordering one-of-a-kind furnishings less pricey. If, for instance, you’ve been longing for a unique dining table that can seat a big crowd, plywood is the perfect choice. Plywood furniture tends to work exceptionally well in industrial spaces or rustic homes, like cabins in North Carolina’s mountains.

No matter what sorts of plywood projects you have in mind for your upcoming remodel, the Hatch Homes team can help you make your ideas into realities. We can’t wait to hear about everything you’re hoping to do to change the look of your home!

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