Hardie Siding Installation 101 (Part 1)

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When James Hardie fiber cement siding is installed correctly, the homeowner will qualify for the manufacturer’s 30 years non prorated warranty. When James Hardie siding is installed incorrectly, the homeowner will not qualify for the warranty and will begin to demonstrate signs of failure within 5 to 7 years. Below are two conditions that must be met for Hardieplank siding to perform as the manufacturer intended.

Roofline Clearance

Roofline clearance refers to any time Hardie Board siding is perpendicular to a roofline (Soffit and/or Fascia).

Hatch Homes will install James Hardie Siding Products with a 1/2 inch Roofline Clearance if covered & a 2 inch Roofline Clearance if uncovered. The gap will be flashed with powder-coated, color-matched aluminum flashing. HardieTrim Frieze Board may also be incorporated as an optional upgrade.

Watershed Clearance

Watershed clearance refers to any area where James Hardie Siding is perpendicular to a roof system.

To protect your James Hardie Siding from water-induced deterioration, Hatch Homes will install Hardieplank Siding with a 2 inch Watershed Clearance. Failure to comply to this Manufacturer Mandate is the biggest contributor to premature product failure in the Carolina’s.

Gutter Runoff

Gutter Runoff refers to anytime a gutter system is perpendicular to a plane of siding.

Hatch Homes will install James Hardie Siding and/or Gutters to ensure proper water flow to gutters and the protection to the siding from staining, paint failure and premature deterioration. Hatch will use Kickout Flashing in all areas where Hardie Board runs perpendicular to a Roofing System. This will enable long-term aesthetics, durability and performance.

Field-Cut Sealing

After any Hardieplank material is cut, it must be sealed by a paint and/or primer to prevent water intrusion. If this action is not taken, freeze/thaw cycles will cause the board to split, crack and fall apart. Failure to seal cut ends will also lead to premature paint failure including chipping, cracking, flaking and peeling.

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