HardieWrap Weather Barrier

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Weather Barrier must be installed between the sheathing and siding of your home. As a James Hardie Siding Contractor, we use Hardiewrap on all of our Hardieboard projects.

A properly installed, high-quality weather resistant barrier is your primary defense against bulk water infiltration into your home. There has never been an exterior cladding that keeps wind- driven rain from penetrating into your home. Wind-driven rain will penetrate your cladding and will do so especially around fenestrations (windows, doors, etc.) in your home.

One of the primary causes of premature siding failure is inadequate ventilation of the walls from internally created moisture. Siding that is not properly ventilated will trap moisture in the walls. This also results in deterioration of the sheathing, framing and insulation. This environment also attracts termites and wood-boring insects. These issues will remain hidden as they will take place underneath your siding.

We recommend the installation of Hardiewrap weather barrier for the following reasons:

• HardieWrap is a premium, non-woven, water-resistant barrier that offers superior tear resistance.

• Contains a unique MicroTech™ coating that enables higher performance.

• Balances non-water penetration with permeability.

• Allows your home to breathe, helping to prevent the conditions needed for mildew growth.

• Reduces your home’s energy loss. This saves homeowners money on utility bills.

• Hardiewrap is a component of the James Hardie system which offers superior warranty coverage.

We install HardieWrap in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. During this crucial stage of your siding installation, great care must be taken to prevent water intrusion into the building envelope. Layers must be overlapped properly (both horizontally and vertically) and all seams must be taped properly. If soffits are being replaced, the wrap must be installed at least 4-6 inches above the soffit line.

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