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Hatch Homes is proud to be a siding specialist and able to offer a variety of high-quality services in the Virginia area. These services include siding, exterior painting, roofing, windows, and more.

Tired of painting every 5-7 years? James Hardie’s ColorPlus siding is the right fit for you. The paint is applied to the product at the manufacturing plant where the temperature and setting are proper for an even application. The ColorPlus technology comes with a 15 year non prorated warranty. Hatch Homes is happy to announce that we carry this product line for our customers. We are also a member of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance program, which keeps us up to date on the newest trends release from James Hardie.

Mastic is our paintless vinyl siding option we offer to those interested in this style of product. Mastic offers a variety of colors which are mixed into the product when manufactured to create an even coat of coloring throughout.  Hatch is a member of the Mastic Elite Preferred Program which offers continuing education including in-depth information about testing that they perform to continually produce a better product year after year.

The town of Irvington is nestled inside of Lancaster County, Virginia. In 2000, the city was inducted into the National Register Of Historic Places. One of the many attractions of Irvington is the famous Steamboat Museum. To learn more about the museum and the hours of operation visit their website!

Hatch not only offers services in Irvington but the following areas of Lancaster County as well:

Weem | White Stone | West Irvington | Taft | Palmer

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Irvington, VA Siding Contractors

Ready to take the next step in your siding renovation? Hatch Homes is happy to help you out. Our unique process is one for every generation, young or older. We offer online consultations at the click of a button, no more hassling around with cleaning your house for a contractor to come over and discuss your proposal inside of your home.

Irvington, VA Roofing Contractors

Do not risk climbing on a ladder this spring to clean your gutters and inspect your roof. Call the professionals at Hatch Homes to do it for you. We will connect you with a roofing expert, who will bring out his equipment to safely and adequately perform the inspection.

More than just a contractor.

Hatch is your partner for exterior remodeling.