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Hatch Homes is a company delivering quality exterior replacement services to families in Virginia. This includes siding replacement, roofing, and more.

James Hardie is a fiber cement siding which we recommend for homeowners living near the water or in the mountains. The product is engineered to withstand the high wind speeds, the salt water and is even resistant to fire. Hatch Homes is also a member of the James Hardie CAP program which provides companies with the proper resources to install the product correctly.

Hatch is also honored to be a member of the Mastic Elite Preferred program. Mastic vinyl siding is another product that we offer for siding replacement. Since the product is engineered to withstand the UV rays, the vinyl is less likely to fade as quickly as its competitors. This product is about as low maintenance as a homeowner can get without losing the strength and durability that is required to handle the elements of where you live.

Lynwood is a community located inside of Virginia Beach. The are is landscaped very well and has a beautiful tennis court that locals like to enjoy. If you are looking to move into a safe and family-friendly neighborhood Lynwood will be just right for you.

We provide these services to all of Virginia Beach and these specific communities within the city:

Birchwood | Church Point | Crawford | Little Haven | Ocean Park | Witchduck

Lynwood, VA Siding Contractors

Siding is only as good as the installation that holds it to the house. If your siding is applied too tightly, then the house will not be able to breathe and dry out after a gentle spring rain. If your siding is installed too loosely, then it will blow off during a major thunderstorm or windy day. Let the experts at Hatch Homes install your siding for you correctly. Fill out an online consultation form to complete the next step of your home renovation.

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Roofs are a significant part of your home that protects not only the exterior but the interior as well. Be sure to perform an annual inspection two times or more a year to catch any repairs before it is too late. If you are not comfortable climbing a ladder or unsure of what to look for, Hatch Homes would be happy to help. We can connect you with a roof expert to perform the inspection for you.

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