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Hatch Homes proudly offer these services to the locals of Norfolk, VA: roof replacement, window installation, exterior siding and more.

Are you looking for a siding product that you don’t have to paint but have the ability to down the road? Hatch Homes proudly offers James Hardie color plus technology. The product is engineered to protect from the harmful UV rays providing a durable finish. How you may ask? James Hardie uses a poly annealing process that bakes on the color multiple times while in the manufacturing plant. Since the manufacturer does this before distribution, each board will arrive with a more all over even color which will minimize you from having to paint the product 5-7 years down the road.

For a paint-free option, Hatch Homes also offers Mastic Vinyl Siding to homeowners as well. Mastic is provided in a variety of colors sure to meet your specific needs. The color is added during the process of creating the vinyl to ensure an even consistency when the product is applied to your home. Maintenance becomes a breeze every year only requiring the homeowners to clean it with water and mild soap to maintain the beauty of the house.

Norfolk, Virginia is surrounded by the beautiful waters of both the Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake Bay. The city is filled with the history of being both a strategic military and transportation destination. Since the town is surrounded by water, it is also home to the largest navy base, Naval Station Norfolk. Many people have relocated to the city for the miles worth of beachfront homes and an equal amount of productive land. The towns rich history is also known for the New Years Day of 1776, where the city was heavily destroyed by eight hours of continuous shells being fired from ships nearby. After the Revolutionary war, residents of Norfolk struggled to rebuild in the years to follow. By 1855 the city was struck by yellow fever brought in from the  183-foot vessel Benjamin Franklin brought in for repairs. Later Norfolk was hit by tragedy again during the 1862 Battle of Hampton Roads. Due to this tragic battle, naval ships then after were manufactured out of metal to gain the ability to defend themselves better during future encounters. Norfolk later became the thriving city it is today despite the hard times that almost vanished the cities existence.

Hatch Homes is honored to provide services in the Norfolk, VA area as well as the surrounding cities of:

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Norfolk, VA Siding Contractors

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