Helpful Tips To Clean Your Deck

The deck on your house is an excellent place for the family to gather during the summer months whether it is to enjoy a cup of coffee or an outdoor BBQ. But hold up, is your deck even ready to handle the heavy traffic that it receives during the warmer months? If the answer is no, then these cleaning tips and trick will be perfect for you.

First things first, you will want to sweep off any loose debris from the surface of your deck before you start up the power washer. While power washing is an excellent way to removed set in dirt and debris, it can also strip your deck too. It is a good idea to have a game plan set in place: decided whether you will be re-staining your deck this year and what material the deck is made out of before subjecting your deck to the high-pressure water stream from a power wash. Setting the power washer on a lower setting can also help to avoid any excessive water stream causing any damage to the area.

Once your deck has been cleaned from all debris, it is time to reach for the appropriate deck cleaning agent. While merely rinsing your deck may seem satisfactory enough, the added use of a deck cleaner can help remove that stubborn grime some more.  Pour the cleaner into the detergent dispenser of your power washer and evenly distribute the product across the surface of your deck. Allow the cleaner to sit on the deck for the recommended time by the manufacturer of the product, rinse the product off and then allow the material to dry correctly.

Now that the deck has been thoroughly cleaned you will want to inspect it for any loose boards, wood rot, or missing nails. It is essential to make any necessary repairs before moving on to the last step of sealing, staining or repainting your deck.  Paint and stains that have a protective sealer in them only need to be reapplied biannually. Sealers and toners that create a more natural look should be reapplied every year. Be sure to read the instructions on the back of the product you are using before applying the product to the material. Once the product of your choice has been applied, allow it to properly dry before putting your deck furniture and decorations back in place.

Now I  know that I said that was the last step but I may have lied. The last and final step is to take time now to pour your favorite drink, put your feet up and enjoy all of your hard work.


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