Hiring the Best Contractor For You: A 5 Step Guide

Whether you’re getting ready to build a new house or do a remodel where you currently live, selecting the right contractor for the job can make or break your overall renovation experience. As you read the remainder of this guide, you will see five simple steps that will help you find the best professional to work with you.

  1. Rely on word-of-mouth recommendations – In today’s tech-centric world, the idea of relying on word-of-mouth recommendations may seem antiquated. However, in the home remodeling industry, references from local friends and family members are like gold! Knowing that someone you trust had a great experience with a specific contractor can go a long way toward convincing you that you too ought to hire that professional. It’s even better if the references you get from your loved one’s match-up with those you see online. If you live far away from people you know well, don’t hesitate to ask people in your neighborhood who have recently had renovations done about their contractors.
  2. See proof of insurance and necessary licenses – No matter where in the United States you live, a reputable general contractor will carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. This protects both you and the professional in the event that something goes wrong on your property. In certain municipalities, including some in our service area throughout the Carolinas and Virginia, contractors are also expected to have particular licenses, such as business licenses. Ask to see proof of any pertinent documentation before you allow any contractor to begin working on your project.
  3. Look at the contractor’s portfolio – Many contractors have specific styles of homes they prefer working on. This certainly doesn’t mean they are incapable of doing work on other houses, but it does mean they might be more passionate about projects that are within the scope they love. Looking at a contractor’s portfolio will give you an idea of what his or her favorite style is. Furthermore, it will allow you to gauge whether or not the professional has ever undertaken projects that are like yours in the past. It’s a good idea to work with someone who has experience with similar jobs.
  4. Speak to multiple references – Trustworthy contractors almost always have a list of references available. Talk to several of these individuals before you decide to sign on the dotted line. You should, of course, ask any questions that are pertinent to your specific job, but you may also want to find out if their projects were completed on time, if the work has held up well over the course of time, if the contractor’s communication throughout the project was good, and if the job stayed within budget.
  5. Know what the contract means – Carefully review any contractual agreements you are asked to sign. Make sure they include all of the information you and the contractor verbally discussed, including the project’s start date, the cost of the work, who is responsible for purchasing the materials, and any other conditions. Remember, there are more honest contractors than dishonest ones, but you can never be too careful when it comes to understanding a contract.

The team at Hatch Homes takes great pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations at every turn. We hope you will give us the chance to talk to you about handling your upcoming renovation project and that you will soon join our long list of satisfied customers all over the Carolinas and Virginia.

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