Home Improvements that Matter

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We all want to keep up with The Jones down the street. You know the family whose house has the best curb appeal in the neighborhood. You may be asking yourself how or which exterior improvement is more important than the others? The good news is, they all will help increase the value and curb appeal of your home!

Here are a few of the most popular improvements:

  1. Roof- One of the top places to start is at the top of your home, the roof! Believe it or not this is easily one place that goes unnoticed the most. Making necessary repairs or cleaning your dirty, drab looking roof is essential to not only the curb appeal of your home but also the safety.
  2. Siding- Replacing your existing siding with new will help give your older home a new look which is sure to improve your curb appeal!  However, if your homes siding was recently replaced, taking time to give it a good cleaning will make it go from drab to fab.
  3. Windows- Not only will replacing your windows help with curb appeal but it will also help make the home more energy efficient. This may not come as a surprise but energy efficient windows will also help lower the cost of your electric bills. New windows -> cheaper bills -> who wouldn’t want that?!
  4. Door Replacement- The front door is the gateway into your home. Entry doors present an excellent opportunity for homeowners to drastically improve the overall aesthetic of their home’s exterior.  Front doors are highly customizable with different glass options, layout configurations and colors. Installing a new front door is one of the most cost effective was of boosting the curb appeal of any home.

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