How a Pergola Can Enhance Your Home

Pergolas originated in Italy in the mid-17th century and can be seen throughout many European nations. In recent years, however, these architectural structures have been making waves among American homeowners. Pergolas, as it turns out, are the perfect addition to homes of all kinds. They are the ideal marriage of form and function, boosting architectural interest and providing shade and shelter when needed. As you continue reading, you will learn more about how the addition of a pergola can enhance your home.

    • It can make your garage unique – Pergolas can be added above garage doors for a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic. This isn’t a common garage feature, but it can make your entire property look more upscale. If you have a brick garage, consider a white pergola with thick, decorative braces over the door or doors. Garage pergolas don’t serve as much of a functional purpose as some other types, but they will certainly add curb appeal.
    • It can elevate your front porch – If your house currently has an open front porch or front stoop, it may look uninviting and stark to both visitors and passersby. Adding a pergola over this space will not only make it more visually appealing but more usable for you and your loved ones. Your new pergola will provide you with shade during hot summer days in North Carolina and South Carolina and shelter from the elements, especially if you add ivy or hanging vines to it.
    • It can dramatically improve your backyard – Carolina homeowners are lucky enough to be able to use their backyards for much of the years, so it’s important for these outdoor living spaces to be as comfortable as interior ones. Adding a pergola to your backyard is a great way to make it feel cozier and provide your loved ones with a place to congregate away from the hot sun or drear. You might even want to consider adding an outdoor fireplace under your pergola if you live in a region that gets chilly during the fall and winter months.
    • It can bring cohesion to a home – Selecting a particular type of pergola, then using it in multiple places around the exterior of your home can add cohesion, even if you live in a residence that has been changed and added onto many times in the past. If you’re interested in using this suggestion, consider using the same general pergola structure in your backyard, over your garage, and at the top of several strategically chosen windows.

If you think a pergola (or several pergolas!) is exactly what your home needs to look the way you’ve always wanted it to, contact the Hatch Homes team today. We immensely enjoy exterior renovation projects and look forward to helping you design the perfect pergola for your home. We’ll be there every step along the way, from aiding you in selecting a material to working with you to choose the best hanging plants for your new architectural feature. We’re excited to get started!

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