How Can I Add Curb Appeal During the Winter Months?

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Although cold winters don’t impact our entire service area (the South Carolina coast is relatively immune to frigid temperatures, for example), many of the families who use our services do live in cold regions. Those who, for instance, reside in the mountains of North Carolina are used to winter setting-in relatively early.

It can seem impossible to maintain the beauty of your home’s exterior when it’s difficult even to go outside, but there are things you can do to make sure your house looks great all year long. As you read the rest of this article, you will see five helpful tips that will make it easier to maintain great curb appeal, even when the weather outside is frightful!

  • Use red accents – If your area tends to get a lot of snow, using red accents on your house can certainly help it stand out among all the white powder on the ground. Red front doors and red window trim are two features that add lots of curb appeal all year, but especially during the wintertime.
  • Select reflective decorations – Landscaping in cold climates can be a challenge since many plants die during the winter. If you don’t have many evergreens in your yard, consider adding some reflective decorations to your flower beds. Mirrored orbs and glass decor both catch the sunlight bouncing off of white snow, giving your yard a glittery, magical effect.
  • Invest in oversized house numbers – You might not think of your house number as a decoration, but if it i done right, it can become a major statement piece on the outside of your home. Large house numbers (six inches or taller) work well on residences that have clean, simple lines. Furthermore, they serve a dual purpose: in addition to functioning as decor, they make it easy for emergency workers and others to find your home, even when snow is covering everything.
  • Year-round greenery – If the area in which you live gets cold, it’s a good idea to consult with a landscape designer to learn what plants will grow all year long. Planting greenery that won’t wilt when the weather turns cold is a great way to maintain some color in your yard. Not only will this look better than having a bunch of dead plants, but it will improve your mood to see thriving trees and bushes in your lawn even when it seems like winter may never end!
  • Install a lantern post – In ages past, lanterns signified open inns, where travelers could find cozy fires, warm food, and beds. In this day and age, lantern posts still have a welcoming look, especially during the coldest time of year. Installing a lantern post by your front walk is a great way to bolster your home’s curb appeal.

If you are interested in making some changes to your house to make it more attractive this winter, give the Hatch Homes team a call. We would love to work with you on your upcoming project and look forward to making your house a more pleasant place to be no matter what season it is!

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