How Does Angies List Work?

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As a consumer we know of Angies List as the popular home services website it is today. However back in 1995, the idea of Angies list would first be born when Angie Hicks was trying to find a local contractor in Columbus, Ohio. She quickly became frustrated by the search and thought that there had to be a better way to do this. Angie later took this idea to the streets where she went neighborhood to neighborhood talking to local homeowners, signing them up as members, and collecting their reviews on local contractors. Fast forward to 1999, and this was when Angies List moved to the Internet world. The new website became such a big hit that in 2013, there were over 70,000 subscribers on this popular website.

So how does Angies List work?
Once you have joined as a member of this popular website you were then able to see detailed and verified reviews on contractors in your local community. Once you find a few companies, you will then be able to compare them and then decide on your own which company is the best for you. After you hire someone and the work has been completed then you can go back on Angies List and leave a review to help other homeowners just like you.

Is the membership free?
Well, the overall answer is yes. The website does offer higher tiers to being a member that you can choose for an additional cost. The additional cost gives homeowners access to their own secretary, who can compare companies for you and even set up estimates for you as well freeing up your time.

Is Angies List just for finding contractors?
No, the website provides many different businesses from construction to electrical, landscaping, real estate agents and even moving companies plus much more.

How does a Company get on the list?
Once a homeowner has a service completed by a company they can go onto Angies List and write a review about them and ranking them from A-F.
If you are the business owner you can also set up a free profile was your contact information that way if providers to leave a review about you they can attach it to the correct business and this way you can see what homeowners have to say about you and your company.

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