How Does Fiber Cement Siding Deter Woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers can be an issue in most parts of the United States, including in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Once woodpeckers begin damaging a home, it is often impossible to repair the siding. Instead, the cladding typically has to be replaced, which is both expensive and frustrating for homeowners. 


One way to avoid woodpecker damage is to choose siding that is resistant to pests. James Hardie Company fiber cement siding is the best choice if this is your goal. This guide will help you understand exactly how and why fiber cement siding resists woodpecker damage, keeping your Carolina home in exceptional condition for years into the future.


Why do woodpeckers like siding?


While it is obvious why woodpeckers are attracted to wood siding, they also tend to go for other siding materials, including vinyl and even aluminum. Although fiber cement resists their advances, the following are key reasons woodpeckers like almost any type of siding in the first place.


Searching for food – Woodpeckers eat various types of insects, many of which make their homes in, or just underneath of, siding.


Perfect for nesting – In order to breed and raise their young, woodpeckers – like most birds – need to create nests. Siding is the perfect choice for this species, as they enjoy making their homes near pliable surfaces, like vinyl, that are dark yet easily accessible. 


Ideal for storage – Like many other species of birds and vermin, it is not uncommon for woodpeckers to store up food and other items in their nests. By constructing their homes behind siding boards, woodpeckers ensure that acorns and other types of sustenance are not readily visible to other animals. 


Helps with mating – Woodpeckers call for a mate by using their beaks to make a loud drumming noise on a flat surface. By nesting next to siding, woodpeckers put themselves in an excellent position to successfully breed. 


What types of damage can woodpeckers cause?


It is important to note that you may not experience all of these types of damage if woodpeckers attack your Carolina home. However, at least some of the following problems are almost certain to occur. 


Large holes in siding – Because woodpeckers like to live in siding, they sometimes “drill” large holes with their beaks in order to construct nests that are large enough for them to comfortable raise their young in. 


Small holes in siding – As woodpeckers use their beaks to dig for insects to eat, they may leave a series of small holes that almost look as though they were created in a pattern. 


As woodpeckers continue to damage your home, the number of holes will increase, potentially leading to serious structural problems. 


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