How Long Does a Roofing Job Take?

When homeowners begin thinking about re-roofing their homes, the biggest question they have is often “How long does a roofing job take?” Although there is, unfortunately, no single answer to this question, there are a number of factors you should consider in order to determine approximately how long your household’s re-roofing project is going to take. As you read on, you will see several of the issues that typically impact the amount of time it takes for a brand new roof to be installed. Remember, even though this process can seem like it’s going to be tedious, it is always worth it to have a new, energy efficient roof that offers security (and lower utility bills!) for you and your family.

    • The material you select – Certain roofing materials, such as slate tiles and Mediterranean tiles that are handcrafted overseas, can take a while to be delivered. This may delay the start date of your roofing job. Furthermore, some materials simply take longer to be installed than others. Intricately carved wood shakes, for instance, won’t go on as quickly as conventional three-tab asphalt shingles.
    • The number of layers on your roof – As a general rule, every time a new roof is put on a house, any old layers of roofing should be completely removed. This does not, however, always happen. If your roofers discover that they have to take-off previous roofs before installing your new one, it might take longer than expected for the job to be completed.
    • The number of repairs that must be done – In some cases, homeowners decide to invest in new roofs because they are simply ready for a change. Most of the time, though, something actually prompts the purchase of roofing materials. If, for example, severe weather in your area of the Carolinas served as the catalyst for your re-roofing project, the odds are good that repairs will have to be done before your new roof can be put on. Depending on how extensive these fixes are, it could take your contractors some time to actually start installing any new materials.
    • The steepness factor – The more severe the slope of a roof, the longer it is likely to take to install new materials on it. Homes that have extremely steep roofs typically require roofers to take a variety of precautions, including wearing special footwear and harnesses. They may also need to construct scaffolding and platforms to reach especially high points on the roofline.
    • The forecast – Weather plays a fairly major role in roofers’ jobs. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, for instance, it may be impossible to get certain roofing materials to adhere properly. Or, if it’s pouring rain or snowing, the team may not be able to work for safety reasons. Thus, the weather is likely to impact the timeline of your roofing project. If your contractors get lucky and have great weather for days on end, your job will get done faster than if a storm system hits.

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