How Much Does James Hardie Siding Cost?

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Step one: realize that your home’s exterior needs new siding.  Step two: figure out what siding material is best for your home. Let’s assume that you choose to reside your house with James Hardie Board Siding. Step three:….What is step three?

The next logical step for many homeowners is determining what their siding replacement budget should be. Several online remodeling cost calculators exist. However, in our experience none of these online resources are able to accurately project Hardieplank project costs. See our previous blog post about online remodeling cost calculators to learn more about why these calculators are can lead to inaccurate estimates.

Because of the extensive detail required in generating a Hardie Siding quote and estimate, the intention of this article is not to give you an approximate price. Instead, the intention of this article is to provide a better understanding of Hardy plank pricing compared to other siding options. Give Hatch Homes a call today to schedule a detailed project consultation and receive a comprehensive proposal for Hardie Siding replacement.

Let’s dive in. Below is a ranking of the initial cost of the most popular siding options in the Carolinas (1 = least expensive , 5 = most expensive)

1) Vinyl Siding
2) Masonite Siding
3) Composite Wood Siding
4) Hardieplank Siding
5) Cedar (Natural Wood) Siding

For comparative purposes, for every dollar you invest in cedar siding, you should expect to invest the following for the less expensive siding options

Vinyl Siding = $ 0.35

Masonite Siding = $ 0.45

Composite Wood Siding = $0.50

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding = $0.70
We have discussed upfront cost for different siding options in the Carolinas. Now let’s compare total investment over 30 years for the difference the different siding types.
Below is a ranking of the total investment cost over 30 years for the most popular siding options in the Carolinas (1 = least expensive , 5 = most expensive)

  1. Hardie Siding
  2. Vinyl Siding
  3. Masonite Siding
  4. Composite Wood Siding
  5. Cedar Siding

Contact Hatch Homes for more detail on estimating a remodeling budget for new house siding.

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