How Professionally Installed Windows Can Keep Your Family Safe

Having windows professionally installed is crucial for home security. Windows can be areas of extreme vulnerability, allowing for break-ins and, ultimately, thefts to occur. In addition to knowing how to install windows correctly the first time, professional contractors can help you take other steps to secure your windows and their surrounding areas, protecting you and your loved ones from potential harm.

As you read this guide, you’ll learn more about some of the steps you can take to make sure your home’s windows are as secure as possible. If you’re thinking about having new windows installed in the near future, make sure you talk to your installation team about these topics. They may be able to do some of it as they put your new windows in.

Add Plenty of Light

The more light around your windows, the better! Robbers tend to be deterred by well-lit areas because they are afraid of being seen by homeowners or nearby neighbors. One thing you and your family can do right away is place lamps by any highly visible windows. This may very well scare-off potential thieves before they even get started and costs nothing.

Another great tip is to have motion detector lights installed by every window in your home. Most contractors can do this, and it is usually a budget-friendly job. If you do this, a light will come on as soon as someone walks by one of your windows. It’s a great way to keep unwanted individuals off your property at all times.

Research Your Windows

There are many different kinds of windows on the market today, and it’s easy to assume they are all the same. This could not, however, be further from the truth! Some window models are inherently more secure than others. This is due to a variety of factors, such as the type of glass used to create the panes, the type of locking mechanism they have, and the material used to make the window frames.

Laminated glass windows, for example, are highly secure because they have a sheet of vinyl between double panes. The vinyl is difficult to break through and must be hit in the exact same spot repeatedly, meaning most would-be robbers will give-up long before they find success. Talk to your contractor to learn more about all of the window styles you can choose from.

Take Additional Steps

There are several aftermarket products you can buy to make existing windows more secure. These include stick-on vinyl sheets that are very difficult to cut or bash through. You can also change your windows’ locks out for more heavy-duty ones. If full window replacements aren’t in your budget right now, you might want to consider some secondary safety measures instead.

If you are seriously thinking about investing in new windows for your home soon, contact Hatch Homes at your earliest convenience. We would love to work with you to select high-quality, secure windows that will keep you and your family safe for years to come. We will also make sure your new windows are perfect for wherever you live in the Carolinas, whether you face hurricane-force winds in Charleston or mountain winters in Asheville.

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