How Roofs Can Improve Residential Energy Efficiency

If you are like most homeowners in the Carolinas and throughout the United States, energy efficiency is of increasing importance to your family. More and more American households are focusing on making upgrades that are good for the environment (and their bank accounts!) While certain updates, such as installing new windows and “green” appliances, are obvious, others, like having roof work done, are not as apparent.

As you read this guide, you will discover a few ways your roof can actually make your home more energy-efficient than it has ever been before. Remember, you don’t have to do everything suggested here to lower your utility bills and help the environment. Even if some of the tips you read below don’t suit your house, anything you do to increase your home’s overall energy efficiency is beneficial!

Consider a metal roof – If you happen to be in the market for a new roof for your home, considering a metal roof is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do. While many homeowners don’t think of metal as a residential roofing material, manufacturers have started offering a variety of options that are designed with homes, not commercial structures, in mind.

Metal offers a variety of perks, perhaps most notably the fact that it reflects sunlight, rather than absorbing it, which lowers energy costs all year. In addition, many brands produce their metal roofing from recycled materials, which significantly reduces waste. Metal roofs are quite durable and often come with 30 to 35 warranties.

Look into a rooftop garden – Because most parts of Carolinas enjoy an excellent climate for growing plants, a rooftop garden might be a great way for you and your family to go green in every sense of the word! Not only will adding a garden to your roof allow you to grow some of your own food, but the plants themselves will provide extra insulation. It does bear noting that you should talk to a contractor about whether or not your home can support the added weight of plants and supplies before you start this project.

Insulate your attic – When it comes to residential energy efficiency, attic insulation is more important than you may realize. Generally, when attics are uninsulated, homes lose a majority of their heat via the roof. If you opt to have your attic properly insulated, however, more heat will remain in your home in the wintertime, keeping your family comfortable and lowering your heating costs. Attic insulation can also be useful during the summer months, by preventing your air-conditioned interior air from escaping.

If you have questions about how your current roofing situation can be improved, the crew at Hatch Homes would love to hear from you. We are proud of our knowledge and look forward to helping you figure out exactly how we can help make your house more energy efficient by updating your roof. We serve clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, so no matter where you live, we are here for you.

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