How to Achieve Cottage Style Curb Appeal

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There are few things more classic than a cottage style home. From drawings in Grimm Brothers fairy tales to thatched-roof homes in medieval Europe to modern incarnations around the world, the cottage has withstood the test of time. If you would like your house to have cottage style curb appeal, the tips in this guide will help you achieve it. In no time, you’ll be driving home to the cottage of your dreams every evening.

Choose your color

One of the perks of having a cottage-type house is that you can make just about any color in the rainbow work for you. As a general rule, though, the smaller your home is, the bolder the color it can handle well. Small cottages, for example, look great when they are painted cheerful yellows, sky blues, and leafy greens. For larger cottage homes, consider using a classic white hue or a pastel version of one of the colors listed above.

A garden is a must

Gardens are one of the hallmarks of cottages. Without a lush garden, your cottage’s appearance really won’t be complete. English gardens, which usually feature overgrown wildflowers, are perfect for cottage homes. If you aren’t sure which plants will flourish best in your part of North Carolina or South Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact a landscape designer. You will enjoy your garden more if you put effort into planning it to make sure it fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Make use of your porch

Although not all cottage style homes have porches, many do. If you are lucky enough to have this sort of outdoor living space, it can really lend to the overall cottage feel of your house if you decorate it properly. Consider, for example, creating a vignette using white rocking chairs, an old watering can, and some flowers. This will add cottage charm to your entry, making guests feel instantly at home.

Don’t forget the white picket fence

If ever a type of house called for the addition of a white picket fence, it is the cottage. This sort of fence adds a frame, of sorts, to your home, giving it a distinct cottage-like appearance even when passersby can’t see small details, such as porch decorations. Before you install your fence, check your municipality’s codes to make sure you meet any regulations regarding fencing height or distance from the sidewalk.

Look into a tiny cottage

As tiny houses become increasingly popular around the United States, more and more homeowners are looking into small cottages. These residences can be quite functional, especially for those who are looking to downsize or decrease their energy footprints. Just remember you might have to hire a professional decorator to help you select proportionate cottage details for your space!

At Hatch Homes, we love to help clients make their dream homes into realities. If you would like to turn your Carolina abode into a picture-perfect cottage, give us a call to schedule a consultation. Our team will work to make sure every detail of your house fits your vision. We can’t wait to get started!

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