How to Achieve Traditional Style Curb Appeal

Sometimes, pinning down how to achieve traditional style curb appeal can be quite challenging. Of all home styles, traditional is among the most far-reaching, meaning homeowners often struggle to nail down specific features that will give their houses a look they are going for. Fortunately, there actually are hallmarks of the traditional style, which you will learn about in this helpful guide. By the time you are done reading, you should know how to achieve the curb appeal you’ve been wanting for your house.

Pick a simple, classic color palette.

The idea behind traditional style is that it will easily stand the test of time. It is not trendy, and it doesn’t follow cheap fads. Therefore, when you are selecting the color palette for the outside of your traditional home, timeless color combinations are best. Neutral colors, such as cream, navy blue, slate blue, and grey are all great options for traditionalists.

You may also want to consider an all-white house if you are trying to achieve a traditional look. In our service area throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, many antebellum homes that still look beautiful today feature completely white facades. Fortunately for today’s homeowners, though, modern materials do not require as much maintenance to keep clean as those made during the 19th century!

Symmetry is key.

Traditional style homes typically have perfectly symmetrical exteriors. This means they have the same number of windows on either side of the front door, on both the first and second stories, and they typically are not split level. It also bears noting that any flower beds, planters, or decorative columns you choose to install should also be placed symmetrically so as not to detract from the traditional style of the home.

Select a classic entry door.

The right entry door can go a long way toward cementing your house’s traditional curb appeal. Wooden doors with sidelites and classic hardware featuring an oil-rubbed bronze finish have a particularly classic look. You may also want to consider adding a lion’s head door knocker. If you are serious about adding traditional style to your house, it is also important for the walkway and steps leading to your front door to be well-kept and pristinely manicured.

Add paths to connecting buildings.

If you are lucky enough to live on a piece of property that has any outbuildings, whether it is a single garage or a number of barns and storage sheds, traditional style dictates that everything should be connected with paths. This way, the entire area will have a uniform, perfectly maintained aesthetic. You can use a wide range of materials, from flagstone to concrete, for your pathways. The important thing is to have them!

There are many traditional homes in towns throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, so we at Hatch Homes often hear from families who are looking to upgrade their curb appeal while keeping true to this aesthetic. If you are interested in letting our team handle your upcoming renovation, we hope you’ll give us a call soon. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make your home look it’s very best.

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