How to Adhere to HOA Guidelines During Renovations

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Many North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners live in neighborhoods that are governed by homeowner’s associations. The bylines in HOA contracts are designed to make life easier for the people who live in any given neighborhood, but they sometimes have the opposite effect, especially for those who are planning to do home renovations. As you read this guide, you will see some helpful tips that will make it easier for you to abide by your HOA’s regulations next time you do a remodeling project. 

Don’t do this:

Don’t get a single estimate – No matter where you live in the Carolinas, the estimates you receive from renovation contractors are likely to vary widely. Due to this, it’s important to obtain multiple quotes before you decide who to hire. Furthermore, it is crucial to only consider reputable local contractors who have the proper insurance coverage and business licenses. 

Don’t start without HOA approval – As a general rule, you will need to receive approval from your HOA board before you can start any renovation project. It’s important to abide by this, as your homeowner’s association can put a stop to remodeling jobs they didn’t approve beforehand. Usually, you will need to present your plans at an HOA board meeting. 

Don’t forget to communicate – Because your contractor doesn’t have your insider knowledge of your HOA’s bylaws, it is imperative for you to communicate well with him or her. In addition to providing your construction team with a copy of your homeowner’s association contract, you should speak up if you see something being done that you know goes against your agreement. 

Do this: 

Do know your HOA agreement – Before you begin any project, it is imperative for you to know your HOA agreement inside and out. This way, you’ll have an idea of what is going to be approved before you ever go before your homeowner’s association board. Furthermore, studying your HOA contract will help you know if you are told you can’t do something that is actually okay as per the bylaws. 

Do carefully research contractors – Hiring reliable, highly qualified contractors is one of the most important components of any successful home renovation project. Do you due diligence and carefully research any Carolina contractors you’re thinking about working with. This includes talking to friends or relatives who have previously used the same service providers and reading online reviews. 

Do obtain pre-approval – Make sure you don’t schedule your project’s start date before your HOA board has pre-approved the work. This way, you won’t get into trouble or find yourself left with a half-finished job. Furthermore, get any permits that are required from your municipality. Covering all your bases is best when it comes to home remodeling. 

Once you find the right contractor for your upcoming remodeling project, you need to speak to the head of your homeowner’s association board to find out exactly what your next steps are. You may need to, for instance, submit a formal petition before you appear at a board meeting. Every HOA is different, so it’s up to you to learn the rules you have to follow for a successful renovation!

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