How to Choose the Perfect Paint For Your Space

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Paint is kind of like magic. A little bit goes a long way, and it can completely transform the look of a room in a very short amount of time; almost like waving an enchanted wand (but with a bit more elbow grease)! If you’ve been thinking about doing a painting project in your house, but you’re struggling to decide on which color you want to use, you’re in the right place.

This guide features some great tips, taken from color experts, that will help you figure out which hue is best for your next painting job. Once you’ve answered these questions, we hope you will feel more confident about your color choosing abilities when you reach the end of this article. Remember, you don’t have to be an interior designer to know what works best for your space! Sometimes, you just need to follow a few simple rules and trust your gut.

How do decorators pick the perfect shade of paint?

One of the biggest tricks in decorators’ arsenal is to select a great paint color, then choose one shade that is in the same family, but lighter, and another that in the same family, but darker. Get small sample cans of each shade and try them on one of the walls you’re planning to paint. Paints all look brighter on walls than they do on chips, so you just might surprise yourself with the color you ultimately end up going with; it often isn’t the one you first chose!

What colors do you gravitate toward wearing?

Because clothing choices and interior design choices are both intensely personal, they can actually play off of one another. If you’re ever struggling to pick a paint color for a room in your house, pay a visit to your closet. The colors you gravitate toward while putting together a wardrobe are likely to be the ones that make you happiest and should, therefore, also be present in your home’s color palette. If, for example, you have more blue jeans than anyone else you know and you consider yourself a bit of a denim junkie, a Levi’s-inspired blue could be just the ticket for your new space.

What are the best tips for combining hues?

If you are thinking about using multiple paint colors in the same room, such as one hue on the walls and another on the trim or one color on three walls and an accent wall in a different shade, it’s important to make sure they work well together. One great designer tip is to find colors with similar undertones, even if they don’t seem like a great pairing on the surface. You’ll be amazed by how well the undertones complement each other in your room. Consider, for example, a jade green with a bright purple; just find options that both have blue undertones!

What will I be asked if I do a color consultation?

If you are truly stumped and want professional assistance with your next painting project, rest assured that most interior designers offer color consultations. These sessions range in length and rate depending on who you choose to work with, but there are a few questions that are fairly standard.

  1. What kind of ambiance do you want the space to have?
  2. Do you like dark colors or find them intimidating?
  3. Are you open to trying color combinations you’ve never tried before?
  4. Would you rather have painted trim or natural wood trim?

Once you have your paint chosen and you’re ready to go, we hope you’ll give the team at Hatch Homes a call. Our skilled painters will be happy to work on your project, whether you need one room painted or your entire house. Families throughout the Carolinas and Virginia love their homes more because they trusted us. We hope you join their ranks soon!

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