How to Coordinate Exterior Window Trim and Your Home’s Design

When it comes to renovating the exterior of a house, there are a number of issues that need to be taken into consideration. In fact, many homeowners find themselves feeling overwhelmed at some point in time because there are so many choices to make. 


One thing most homeowners don’t consider at first is that the window trim they select will either coordinate with or clash with their home’s overall design style. As you continue reading this guide, you’ll learn more about how to choose exterior window trim that works well with the style of your house. 


Although this is a choice that can be changed down the road, replacing trim can be a big, expensive job, so it’s wise to give your final decision careful consideration before installation occurs. This way, you’ll be happy with your home’s curb appeal for years to come. 


What is the purpose of window trim?


In general, window trim serves to cover the gap that often exists between a window frame and the wall of a house. The practical purpose of trim is to prevent water damage, bug infestations, and other problems that could ultimately be detrimental to the structure of a home. 


On a purely aesthetic note, however, trim is a good way to add decorative style to the outside of a house. If you feel like your residence is missing a finishing touch even after its renovation is mostly complete, you might find that trim is exactly what it needs to look fully finished. 


How can I choose the right trim?


There are dozens of different brands that manufacture window trim and most of them offer multiple product lines. In order to narrow down your options, take the following factors into consideration:


Consider existing features – Before you pick trim, it is important to consider the existing features of your home. If, for example, you live in a log cabin in the North Carolina mountains, you may want to consider natural wood trim with a rough, raw look. If, on the other hand, you reside in a South Carolina antebellum mansion, decorative trim with ornate accents is probably the best choice.


Look at your interior decor – If your home is a newer build that doesn’t have as many distinctive features as historic homes tend to, your interior decor can help guide you to the right window trim. If, for example, you tend to gravitate toward sleek, modern furnishings, consider slick vinyl trim with clean lines. 


Don’t be afraid of color – While white vinyl trim tends to be the standard these days, don’t be afraid of color if you want your house to stand out. Natural wood, for example, can be lovely, or if you want a truly bold aesthetic, consider using black trim. This provides exceptional contrast against white siding and blends well with darker hues. 


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