How to Create a Beautiful Stone and Siding Facade

If you are planning to renovate the outside of your house soon, you’ve probably found yourself delving into all sorts of inspiration photos, both online and in magazines. With all of the ideas at your fingertips in today’s culture, it can be challenging to narrow down exactly what you want your home’s exterior to look like when your remodeling project is finished. One great option that effortlessly combines modern flair and timeless appeal is mixing stone and siding to create a unique, tasteful facade. If you are interested in this look but aren’t sure how to start designing it, the following paragraphs are sure to help you.

  • Figure out how much stone you want to use – When you start planning your home’s new look, the best thing to do first is to decide how much stone you would like to use. This can be referred to as the “stone profile.” The larger the area you decide to cover with stone, the bigger the pieces can be. Some people, for instance, choose flagstone for large stone sections. If you’re doing a smaller stone profile, some form of ledgestone is likely to suit your needs.
  • Decide the color of your stone – Most homeowners find that it is easier to select siding that coordinates with their stone of choice than vice versa. This is mainly because stone tends to have a variety of colors within in, meaning you’ll be able to choose from multiple siding hues. Most types of stone, both natural and veneer, have tan or grey bases. However, they may have veins of blue, black, red, orange, green, or even white throughout different sections.
  • Pick a shade of siding you love – As mentioned above, the stone you pick for your home’s new exterior is likely to have a range of hues in it. You can draw from any of these colors when you select your siding. If you want a more traditional look for your house, using a neutral shade is always a classic option. If, however, you would prefer a bolder aesthetic, you might want to consider blue, green, or red siding.
  • Find a trim color that works – Once you’ve chosen your stone and picked the perfect siding for your remodel, you will have one last task: selecting a shade for your trim. The trim should coordinate with all of the other colors you’ve already decided to use. Most people opt for neutral shades, like white vinyl or brown wood, for their exterior trim. When you get to this step, you should also pick hues for any extra features, such as porch columns or permanent planters.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand the process you should go through in order to create a stunning stone and siding exterior for your house. This look is popular throughout the Hatch Homes service area, from the mountains of North Carolina to the coast of South Carolina, and we would love to oversee your upcoming job for you. Call our office to schedule an appointment with someone from our skilled team to further discuss the ideas you have for your renovation.

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