How to Create a Preemptive Roof Damage Plan

You are absolutely not alone if you get overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with roof damage; this is something that causes stress for many homeowners, especially if they haven’t previously thought about the steps involved. There are two main players associated with roof repair after damage occurs: your roof insurance company (typically your homeowner’s insurance company) and the roofing contractor you want to hire. As you read this guide, you’ll learn how to create a preemptive plan for working with both of these parties next time you find yourself with a damaged roof.

Action to take in advance:

      • Know who you want to hire – Spend some time researching local roofing contractors who serve your region of North Carolina or South Carolina. Then, find out if your insurance agency will cover work done by your preferred professional. In most cases, this isn’t a problem, but it’s a good idea to ask ahead of time, rather than after damage occurs. Once you know which contractor you like best, you’ll know exactly who to call if and when you need roofing repairs done.
      • Get a roof inspection each year – Although most homeowners know they should schedule annual roof inspections with their preferred contractors, many neglect this task inadvertently. It’s easy to forget! Making a point of having a yearly inspection, though, will allow you to become aware of potential problems before they get worse or before a storm has a chance to take them from bad to worse.
      • Take time to understand your policy – Fully understanding your roof insurance policy is one of the keys to not feeling overwhelmed when the time comes to file a claim. Read your policy carefully and, if you have questions, contact an insurance agent to discuss your coverage. You may find that your insurance is in good shape for your needs or you may discover you need to make some tweaks to feel completely comfortable with the coverage you have.

Once you’re happy with your policy, keep your roofing contractor’s phone number, your insurance agent’s phone number, and your insurance ID number together in an easily accessible location.

Action to take following damage:

      • Call your roofing contractor – Make a point of calling your roofing contractor as soon as it is safe to go outside following any potentially damaging storm. He or she should perform an assessment of your roof to see what, if any, repairs are required to get it back in functional condition.
      • Call your insurance company – If your contractor determines that your roof does need some work due to storm damage, you will have to contact your insurance company to schedule a time for an adjuster to come to your home. He or she will need to take photos and gather other information to support your claim. Typically, the adjuster can come within a few days, and you will receive your insurance money shortly after that.
      • Have your contractor and adjuster both present – It’s a good idea to have your roofing contractor present during your meeting with the insurance adjuster. This way, everyone will be on the same page, and there will be no questions left unanswered between the contractor and the insurance agency.

The team at Hatch Homes knows that roof damage can cause a host of problems and, in the worst cases, even displace you from your home. If you choose to allow us to handle your roof repairs, we will do the work quickly and correctly, ensuring that you and your loved ones can feel secure in your Carolina home once again. Next time you find yourself dealing with roof damage, give us a call to schedule an appointment right away.

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