How to Deal With Common Carolina Pests

Although North Carolina and South Carolina offer some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, they are also home to a variety of pests. If preventing pests from damaging your home is a priority for you as a homeowner, you will benefit from reading this guide. In the next several paragraphs, you will discover information about common Carolina pests and what you can do to avoid them. It is important to note that the Carolinas have a rather wide range of climates, from mountain regions to coastal areas, so not all pests will affect all residents of these states. 

    1. Termites – Even if you’ve never seen a termite in your life, there’s little doubt that you are familiar with what they do. These small bugs, which can also be called by their full name of subterranean termites, start their lives eating wood products underground. These may include twigs, certain roots, and buried branches. Once they run out of food there, though, the start eating whatever is closest, which is usually a deck or the joists of a house. Termites can wreak havoc, so if you are concerned you have an infestation, make sure you contact a professional exterminator right away. 
    2. Carpenter ants – Residential carpenter ant infestations typically begin in-wall or attic insulation. However, these ants also enjoy feasting on wet and rotting wood, so if you notice any of them in your home, you should call a general contractor to inspect your entire house. They can be a sign that there is wood rot somewhere in your residence. If the inspection goes well and no signs of deterioration are found, you can purchase carpenter ant bait at nearly any hardware or big box store. This is usually effective and is cheaper than hiring an exterminator. 
    3. Carpenter bees – Like carpenter ants, carpenter bees enjoy burrowing into wood, which can spell trouble for homeowners. These bees build their nests inside of their wood tunnels and, generally, come back to the same spaces every year. The one good thing about carpenter bees is that they aren’t usually too hard to get rid of. Filling the tunnels with an insecticide you trust should get the job done. If, however, your carpenter bee infestation is stubborn, you can always call an exterminator for assistance. 
    4. Woodpeckers – Woodpeckers are notorious for the tapping noise their beaks make as they “drill” into wood. Generally, these birds peck away at exterior corners where two pieces of siding join. If you see small holes along the edges of your house, or if you actually witness any woodpeckers at work, it’s a good idea to hang a woodpecker feeder to distract them. If that doesn’t work, contact a pest control company for assistance. 

These are just a few of the most common pests that can invade Carolina homes. No matter what kind of pest issue you find yourself dealing with, rest assured that it won’t last forever. Whether you are able to handle the problem on your own or you have to call an expert, there is sure to be some solution to your woes. 

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