How to Deal With Siding Damage After a Carolina Storm

There are numerous perks to living in North Carolina and South Carolina, including (mostly) gorgeous weather, stunning natural scenery, and easy access to both beaches and mountains. As with anything, though, there are some downsides to Carolina living. One of these are the storms that can rip through the region, particularly in the summertime. 

Even if you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area of the Carolinas, you probably deal with serious thunderstorms and wind storms every year. Sometimes, these storms are severe enough that they cause siding damage. If you find yourself dealing with siding issues following a bad storm, it’s important to know what steps to take. This guide will help you through the process. 

Understand your insurance coverage

First, it is important to have a working knowledge of your homeowner’s insurance policy and what exactly it covers. The majority of these policies do cover storm damage to siding but make sure you clarify any questions you have about your insurance before you start calling local contractors for estimates. It is possible, for instance, that your insurance agency will only provide coverage if specific contractors do the work on your home. 

Begin calling reputable contractors

After you’ve looked into any questions you may have regarding your insurance, you should start calling reputable contractors who serve your North Carolina or South Carolina zip code. Make sure you only call siding contractors who have an established presence in your area. It is not uncommon for “storm chasers” (contractors who temporarily set-up shop in towns that have been ravaged by storms) to move in on unsuspecting homeowners. 

Do not give your business to one of these companies. They can, and sometimes do, skip town with no warning, leaving you without your deposit and with half-finished (or barely started) siding repairs. Focus on working with a reliable siding installer who has served your region for a long time. 

Decide what type of siding you want

Sometimes, storm damage offers homeowners a chance to select brand new siding. Even if your insurance requires you to have your old siding replaced with the same material, you will be able to pick a new color. Use this opportunity to really think about how you want your house to look and choose accordingly! If you aren’t sure what aesthetic you’re going for, get online, and search for inspiration photos. You should be able to quickly hone-in on your personal style. 

If you discover that your insurance company will allow you to opt for a new siding material, you should spend some time researching all of the styles that are on the market today. Fiber cement siding, produced by the James Hardie company, is an especially durable choice. This material is flame-resistant, long-lasting, and looks incredible on all home styles. If you have to stick with the same siding material you already have, make sure you get the highest-quality option you can. 

Remember, siding damage from a storm doesn’t have to be stressful. If you follow these steps after the storm subsides, you will be able to quickly and efficiently deal with your insurance company, hire the right contractor for your project, and pick siding that is perfect for your Carolina home!

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