How to Draw Exterior Color Palettes From Natural Stone

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If you are planning to remodel the outside of your house in the near future, you’ve likely begun thinking about some possible color palettes for the project. One source of inspiration you might not have considered is natural stone. While many people think of stone as grey or tan, the truth is that natural stone has all sorts of colors that run through it. Whether the stone you select has prominent veining or subtle undertones, it can be the perfect place to start looking for colors for your renovation.

There are a couple of ways to go about using stone to inspire your new exterior color scheme. If your house already has stone on it, perhaps on a chimney or around the door, you can simply use the colors in this existing feature to save both time and money on your remodel. If, however, there isn’t any stonework on your home presently, you will need to first find stone you like and figure out how you want to use it before you can select an overall color palette. Some combinations you’re sure to love are outlined below.

    • Mixed stones with slate blue – If your stone features both greys and browns, using slate blue as the primary color for your house is an excellent idea. Slate pairs well with both of these colors and allows you to easily utilize secondary and tertiary hues that will tie everything together. You may, for instance, want to invest in a high-quality wooden entry door that coordinates with the tan stone and select a grey color for your window and door trim.
    • Medium tan stones with olive green – Stones that have a medium tan hue often have greenish undertones, making them the ideal mate to olive green siding or exterior shingles. This color combination tends to look especially good on Craftsman style houses. Consider using either stark white accents or deep purple accents, depending on whether you’re going for a clean, fresh look or a moody aesthetic.
    • Granite stone with jade green and wood – If you’ve chosen raw granite as the stone for your facade, you can pull numerous colors from each piece. Granite is beautiful and unique; it works especially well with earth-tone homes, such as those that draw inspiration from the mountains of North Carolina. One of the prettiest color schemes to use with granite involves rich wood trim and doors coupled with jade green siding.
    • Greystone with grey siding – Because grey shades tend to work well together, it is possible to create a lovely grey-on-grey home exterior without it looking one-dimensional or bland. If, for instance, you’ve selected deep grey stones, consider using a medium grey siding. To add contrast, use bright white trim around windows, doors, and other architectural features.

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