How to Fix a Sun Faded Wooden Fence

Although today’s homeowners can choose from a variety of materials when they are getting ready to construct a fence, many people still love the look of the proverbial wooden, white picket fence. In addition to having a classic aesthetic, wood fences come with other benefits, including their price; the material is generally less costly than vinyl or composite. One of the drawbacks to choosing a wooden fence, though, is that it is sure to fade or discolor from sun exposure over time. As you read this guide, you’ll discover a few things you can do to fix the sun faded wooden fence on your property. 

    1. Try power washing – In some cases, wooden fences are not so much faded as they are dirty. If it has been a while since you cleaned your fence (or if you’ve never bothered to do this chore!), try power washing it before you do anything else. You might be surprised to find that what you thought was discoloration was nothing more than dirt and grime. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you can rent power washing equipment affordably. If, however, you would rather leave this task to the experts, many lawn care companies and some general contractors provide power washing services.
    2. Paint or stain, then seal – If you discover that your wooden fence is, in fact, discolored from exposure to UV rays, painting or staining it is the easiest way to fix the problem. This also allows you to try a brand new hue if you’re tired of the color that is currently on your fence. Make sure whatever paint or stain you select is rated for exterior use. If it isn’t, it is likely to start cracking, bubbling, or peeling almost as soon as it is dry; interior paint doesn’t hold up well against the elements outdoors. 
    3. Have the fence replaced – If your home’s fence is not only discolored but damaged in other ways, it might be time to consider replacing it altogether. This should, of course, be a last resort as it is the most expensive option by far. If you’ve already been thinking about investing in a new fence, though, doing your research and finding a reputable contractor to install it is of paramount importance. As you learned earlier in this guide, there are numerous fencing materials on the market today, so seriously consider all of the choices before buying the same wood style you already have. You may find a similar look in low-maintenance vinyl, for instance. 

If you aren’t sure which Charlotte, NC fencing installation contractor is the right one to handle your upcoming job, reputable online review sites are a great place to start doing research. The more you learn about the various professionals in your part of the Carolinas, the more confident you will feel about the contracting company you ultimately sign a contract with. Once you’ve created a shortlist of options, talk to friends or family members who have purchased fencing for their own properties within the past few years. They are likely to be able to provide you with excellent advice because they know your personal preferences when it comes to hiring home repair experts. 

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