How to Handle Roof Hail Damage

No matter where in the United States you live, including Southeastern states like North Carolina and South Carolina, there is the potential for hail damage to cause problems with your home’s roof. If your area recently experienced a hail storm, or if you just want to know exactly what to do next time you find yourself dealing with roof hail damage, the information in the following guide will be useful to you. Below, you’ll see common questions that pertain to handling roof hail damage after the fact. This should help you make efficient steps next time you need roofing repairs due to a hailstorm.

How will I know there is hail damage? 

The most obvious way to determine whether or not your home’s roof has sustained hail damage is to take a look at it with your own eyes. Severe damage is likely to be readily apparent, typically in the form of completely missing shingles, severely damaged gutters, or shingles that have clearly moved out of place. It is, however, possible for roof hail damage to be more subtle and virtually invisible until an expert takes a look. This is why it is important to have a professional assessment if you believe there is even a chance your roof has been damaged.

It is important to bear in mind that reliable contractors and hail damage inspectors often fill their calendars quickly following a hail storm, so if you’re interested in booking one of these specialists, you should call as soon as possible to schedule your appointment. You can also, though, opt to let your insurance company’s adjuster do your only inspection; as long as there is obvious damage, having a second opinion isn’t likely to matter when it comes to your claim being settled.

What steps should I take right away?

Once the storm clears, the very first thing you should do is walk outside and look at your roof as best you can. Remember to take pictures of noticeable damage; you can upload them if you plan to file your insurance claim online, which is a standard method today. Do not. However, risk injuring yourself to get a good look at your roof’s condition! If you feel like you aren’t up to spotting damage on your own, hire a professional inspector or contact your insurance agent immediately.

If you decide to file a homeowner’s insurance claim without having another inspector or contractor assess your roof first, you can expect an adjuster to visit your house, typically within a few days. This individual will make copious notes regarding any damage and, as long as issues are found, will make sure your claim is assessed and paid as rapidly as possible. If you have questions about your policy, such as whether or not you can choose any local contractor to repair your roof, make sure you contact your insurance agent for clarification. This way, there won’t be any surprises!

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