How to Hire a Contractor – Communication

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Interviewing, hiring, and partnering with A quality contractor is a difficult process. A minority of dishonest and unreliable contractors give the professional companies in the industry a bad name. This makes it very difficult for homeowners to know which contractors to trust and which contractors to avoid.

The home-improvement industry has some of the highest rates of customer dissatisfaction of any industry. Study after study indicates that there are two primary drivers for this trend, but they are rooted in the same flaw of many contractors and remodeling companies.

The two drivers of home improvement customer dissatisfaction are:

1) The homeowner thinks that they are getting one thing and actually get another.

Our tip – Spend time focusing on three areas when discussing a contract/proposal with a contractor before deciding who to hire. These areas are:
A- The scope of work
B – The Remodeling Process
C – Pricing Options – Ask for itemized pricing so that you have a better understanding of how the contractor is landing on a certain project price. Asking for pricing options will help homeowners make the best purchasing decision possible.

2) The homeowner thinks that they are paying one price and actually pay another

Our tip – Speak with the contractor about some of the unknown variables that can result from the exterior remodeling project that you are interested in. When the contractor runs into an unperceived problem, how will they handle it? Will they past on the cost to the homeowner? Will they eat the cost? What occurrences that will lead to a project price increase happen most frequently?

Deciding which contractor to partner with is a tough task. The average homeowner(s) spends just under 20 hours to finalize the decisions needed to plan, coordinate and start their remodeling project. Feel free to contact Hatch Homes for any advice throughout the process.

More than just a contractor.

Hatch is your partner for exterior remodeling.