How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you are like many modern Carolina homeowners, improving your home’s energy efficiency is high on your list of priorities. Not only are green initiatives good for the environment, but they can lower your family’s energy bills all year long. Knowing where to start when it comes to more effective energy usage can be difficult, though. The goal of this guide is to help you understand more about some of the most popular steps you can take to go green at your house.

    1. Consider solar panels – Solar panels were once considered an extremely costly way to reduce energy bills, but as they’ve increased in popularity, they have fallen in price. Today’s solar panels are more lightweight than their predecessors, making solar energy attainable for more Carolina families. If you are thinking about going this route and your installer says your roof can’t handle the added weight of a solar panel rig, you might be able to use a ground mount instead.
    2. Upgrade your HVAC appliances – Even if your home is only 10 years old, HVAC appliances have come a long way in the past decade! If it has been longer than that since you purchased a furnace and a central air conditioning unit, you absolutely need to look into upgrading your HVAC appliances in the near future. New units are significantly more energy-efficient than older models, and, in most cases, they will pay for themselves in a couple of years. 
    3. Research replacement windows – Often, homeowners don’t realize just how much heat loss they deal with via their windows. If it has been a while since your home’s windows were replaced, or if they haven’t been since you moved in, now is a great time to look into energy-efficient options. Window manufacturers have begun making many styles that can significantly reduce energy bills while reducing noise and offering UV protection. 
    4. Evaluate major appliances – In addition to updating your Carolina home’s HVAC units, it is also smart to consider the age of your other major appliances. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens that are over half a decade old, for instance, aren’t nearly as efficient as the models that are being produced today. If you’ve already been thinking about upgrading some of your appliances due to repairs or other issues, the potential to save money on your bills for years to come might be enough to persuade you to take the plunge. 
    5. Invest in a smart thermostat – Smart thermostats help homeowners save money in a variety of ways. Not only do they allow you to control the temperature of your house from your smartphone, but they can be set to automatically adjust to weather changes when you are away from home. Investing in one of these thermostats is a great way to save money and do your part to conserve energy. 

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