How to Keep Trees From Damaging Your Home’s Roof

Both North Carolina and South Carolina are known for their natural beauty, which includes state and national forests and residential properties full of trees. Having trees in your yard provides a variety of benefits, including shade during the hot summer months, privacy from nearby neighbors, and visual appeal. There are, however, certain maintenance tasks that come with having trees in your Carolina home’s lawn. 

If you fail to have the trees nearest your house trimmed on a regular basis, for example, serious problems could occur. Roof damage is especially common when tree upkeep is neglected. As you read the next few paragraphs, you’ll discover some of the steps you can take to prevent trees from damaging your home’s roof and costing you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in repairs. 

Get your gutters cleaned twice a year

Many homeowners take their residential gutter systems for granted. That is, at least, until something goes wrong. Believe it or not, trees that are growing near your home can cause gutter problems that can lead to potentially severe structural damage. This is primarily due to leaves and branches that fall into your gutters, clogging them. The weight from these branches can also cause gutter troughs to bend and crack, rendering them ineffective. 

The best way to prevent clogged or broken residential gutters is to have your gutter system cleaned and inspected twice per year. Generally, having your gutter cleaning professionals visit your property once in at the end of summer and once at the start of spring is sufficient. If you live in a Carolina region where the trees are especially dense, you may want to create a custom cleaning schedule. 

Tree-dwelling animals

Sometimes, when tree limbs are very close to a home’s roof, it is possible for squirrels, mice, and other woodland creatures to jump onto your house. In addition to damaging roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, rodents, insects, and other vermin can infiltrate your residence via holes in the roof. Whether they make these holes or the openings already existed is a non-issue. Keeping your trees trimmed is the only way to prevent animals from leaping onto your roof. 

Mold can develop

When tree leaves shade roofs, it takes significantly longer for the shingles or shakes to dry after a rainstorm or heavy snow. The longer moisture sits stagnant, the more likely it is that mold will develop. Mold growth can cause a range of problems for Carolina homeowners. Even if the mold doesn’t seep into your interior walls and ceilings, it could result in a total roof replacement. If it does get into your house, it could lead to serious health problems for you or your family members. 

The team at Hatch Homes offers both gutter cleaning and roofing services, so no matter what projects you’re thinking about tackling, we’re here to help. We do not offer tree trimming services but can point you toward reliable consumer review sites to help you find the right professional for your needs. Contact our office to learn more about what we do. We provide free quotes and look forward to meeting you soon!

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