How to Make a Backyard Fire Pit

Although North Carolina and South Carolina have a wide range of climates, from the beaches of Charleston and the Outer Banks to the mountains of Asheville, one thing unites all Carolinians: a love of outdoor living. Most homeowners in these two states are dedicated to making the most of their exterior spaces, often turning them into veritable outdoor living rooms and kitchens. 

One feature that any exterior living space needs is a fire pit. If you don’t currently have one on your deck or in your yard, you are in the right place! The following guide features helpful step-by-step instructions you can use to create a fire pit that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come. 

What will I need? 

To make this circular fire pit, you will need to gather the following items: 

    • A circular fire pit kit
    • 5 deck boards, measuring 10 ft x 5.5 ft
    • 2 railing balustrades, measuring 10 ft x 1.5 ft
    • 1 cement board, measuring 3 ft x 5 ft
    • 1 box of 3-inch screws for exterior use
    • 1 can of polyurethane-based glue
    • Cedar board, measuring 2.5 in x 1 in x 10 ft
    • Cabinet door magnets
    • Tools: Drill, nail gun, jigsaw, chop saw, and boxcutter
How do I make the fire pit? 
    1. Lay the five-deck boards out to determine the total width of your new fire pit. Then, build two wooden frames using the balustrades you previously purchased. 
    2. Cut your deck boards, 20 two-foot longboards. Five of these will be attached to each side of your fire pit frame. 
    3. Nail the deck boards to the frame, starting at the corners (one frame should “float” over the other). As you nail your way around the frame, save three boards and leave a gap. This will become the door. 
    4. Start putting the door together using the three leftover boards. Drill a hole in it that is large enough for a propane hose to fit through. 
    5. Cut your piece of cement board to 30 in x 30 in, then sit it on top of your fire pit frame. It should fit snugly. Screw the board to the frame and use your polyurethane glue to further secure it. 
    6. Use a jigsaw to cut a circular hole in the center of your cement board. 
    7. This step is optional. If you don’t like the look of unfinished cement board on top of your fire pit, you can add ceramic or stone tiles. You will need a tile saw and six 12 in x 12 in tiles to complete this step. 

Hopefully, this has given you the inspiration you need to do this fun project next time you have a couple of days at home! Remember, there are dozens of video tutorials online if you need help with any aspect of your fire pit project. You can also hire a local Carolina contractor to assist you if you aren’t up to the task for any reason. No matter how your fire pit is ultimately completed, the most important thing is the memories it will help your family make together!

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