How to Make Sure Your Carolina Home Can Withstand a Hurricane

There are a number of incredible things about living in the Carolinas. Both North Carolina and South Carolina offer exceptional natural beauty whether you live on the coast, in the low country, or in the mountains. Coastal residents, however, do have one issue to contend with that doesn’t typically impact people in other Carolina regions – hurricanes. 


Although hurricanes don’t always hit the Carolina coastline, they certainly can. And, if you make your home in this area of the country, it is essential to make sure your house is as prepared as possible to withstand any potential damage during the annual hurricane season, which traditionally lasts from June through November. 


As you continue reading this guide, you’ll discover some of the key steps you can take to make sure your home is as sturdy as it can be to handle hurricane-force gales the next time inclement weather strikes, whether it is this year or sometime in the future.


Focus on safety, resilience, and durability.


There are three key areas you ought to focus on when it comes to getting your home ready for current or future hurricane seasons. These are safety, resilience, and durability. Below, you will see additional information about each of these three fundamentals. 


Safety – Safety is an overarching term that can refer to anything from making sure your family evacuates in a timely fashion to ensuring that your house is built with the most high-quality materials on the market. 


Resilience – Resilience means that your home is not only built to survive major storms like hurricanes but designed to thrive through them. This may, for example, mean that you choose materials that are meant to stand strong through extreme winds or that you have a plan in place for how you and your family will deal with a major disaster before one even strikes. 


Durability – Durability has an obvious definition – it means something is built to last – but when it comes to your home, it takes on new meaning. As you are preparing your house to withstand Atlantic hurricanes, focus on choosing materials that are meant to last through even the worst weather. 


Do your research.


If you are planning on doing any renovations to your house to better prepare it to withstand severe storms, it is imperative to spend time researching all of the materials that you’re considering using. 


James Hardie brand fiber cement siding, for instance, is an excellent choice for homeowners who live in hurricane-prone regions. This type of siding – which is constantly increasing in popularity around the United States – is fire-resistant and wind-resistant, among other benefits. 


It is also wise to consider investing in new windows that are designed to withstand hurricanes. Although these types of window panes and frames typically cost more than standard models, they can go a long way toward keeping your home intact next time a hurricane strikes. 


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