How to Shop For a Storm Door or Screen Door

Storm doors and screen doors are essential for most North Carolina and South Carolina homeowners. Not only do they help protect costly exterior doors, but they aid with both energy efficiency and insect prevention. Storm doors add an extra layer to ward off cold winds in the wintertime and muggy air in the summer. Additionally, bugs are a significant problem in many parts of the Carolinas, particularly in the summertime, and screen doors are a lifesaver for homeowners! If you’re thinking about investing in a new storm door or screen door soon, the information in this guide will help you pick the right product for your needs.

Understanding standard sizing

Nowadays, both home builders and door manufacturers use standard sizing to make it easy for homeowners to shop. In regard to storm doors and screen doors, standard widths are 30 inches, 32 inches, 34 inches, and 36 inches. They can be hinged on either the left or the right depending on which model you buy; some styles are available both ways. Storm doors and screen doors are generally pre-hung, which means they can be attached to the door jamb you already have.

Consider screen and storm door combos

If you live in an area of North Carolina or South Carolina where you know you will need both a storm door and a screen door at various times of the year, you might want to consider investing in a combination storm and screen door. This type of product features a removable front panel and includes both a glass pane for wintertime and a screen for the warmer months. Combination doors typically have high-quality pneumatic closing mechanisms that help these doors shut smoothly for years. Furthermore, they are generally quite aesthetically appealing.

Know your material and color options

In past decades, such as the 1960s and 1970s when screen doors rose in popularity, aluminum frames were just about all the market had to offer. Today, though, brands have a wide range of materials and colors available. Vinyl storm and screen doors are extremely durable and affordable on most budgets. While these door frames are generally white, other hues, such as forest green and ecru, are also available.

Even aluminum storm and screen doors have come a long way since they were first introduced. Modern options feature embossed wood-look textures and come in not only conventional silver but white and various browns as well. You can even order completely custom storm and screen doors from some companies. Recent storm and screen doors all generally have insulated wood cores with aluminum cladding. This makes them more durable than older models. There are also composite storm and screen doors available through certain manufacturers.

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