How to Successfully File a Roof Insurance Claim

Dealing with homeowners insurance, specifically roof insurance, can be a challenging process, particularly if you’ve never filed a claim before. If however, you reside in North Carolina or South Carolina, the odds are good that you will eventually find yourself facing roof damage as the result of a storm, high winds, or another severe weather event. Fortunately, thanks to the helpful tips you discover in this guide, you will learn that this task doesn’t have to be stressful. If you follow a few key suggestions, you’ll be able to successfully file your very first roof insurance claim with no trouble whatsoever!

How can I prepare ahead of time?

If you haven’t yet found yourself dealing with roof damage, the tips in this section are the most important for you to follow. If you are currently in the midst of filing a claim, you should still pay attention, as the information you see here will help you be prepared for next time.

  • Know your deductible and save – Make a point of reading your roof insurance policy and finding out what your deductible for repairs is. Then, set aside enough money to cover the deductible amount in a savings account.
  • Understand your policy’s coverage – One of the worst parts of dealing with roof insurance can be feeling like you don’t understand your policy. In order to prepare for potential damage, spend some time reviewing your coverage and learning exactly what is covered and what isn’t. This way, you’ll know how to proceed next time disaster strikes.
  • Learn how to file a claim – Different roof insurance companies have different claim filing procedures. Some require you to contact an agent, for instance, while others allow the entire process to be completed using a website or a smartphone app. Knowing how you need to go about filing a claim will make it much easier to get started.
What steps should I take to file?

Once the storm has passed and you’ve realized you need to file a roof insurance claim as quickly as possible, you should follow the steps that are outlined here. Using this information to guide you will help you get through the claim filing process as seamlessly as possible.

  1. Take photos of the damage – When it is safe to go outside, the first thing you should do is take pictures of the damage to your roof without moving anything. If, for instance, limbs and debris are still scattered around, don’t clean-up until after you’ve taken your photos. In most cases, you can email these pictures to your insurance company or upload them using a smartphone app.
  2. Actually, file your claim – As mentioned previously, many modern insurance companies have online systems to help them process claims more efficiently. If your roof insurance agency offers this service, simply login to your account, upload your photographs, answer any required questions, such as the date of the storm, and submit your claim. You should be contacted within a day or two to discuss an assessment of your situation.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the adjuster – When you hear from your insurance company regarding your claim, one of the first things they are likely to ask is when you are free to meet with an adjuster. The sooner you can do this, the sooner your claim can be finalized. The adjuster will visit your home, look at the damage, and make any necessary notes the company needs. As long as everything is in order, you should receive your payout fairly quickly following this appointment.

Make sure you find out if you are required to use a certain contractor to fix your roof, as per the guidelines in your insurance policy. If you can select any roofing contractor in your area, the Hatch Homes team would love to handle your job. We know how frustrating roof damage can be and we always work hard to fix our clients’ roofs quickly and properly. If your roof has recently suffered damage in a Carolina storm, we sincerely hope to hear from you soon.

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